June 30, 2006

Well, it’s official. Everything is on Wikipedia now.

Elkton is the area we’re traveling to on Saturday. I say “area” because we won’t even be in Elkton, with its population of 147 and disturbingly homogenized racial makeup, we’ll be several miles down the road at a curve in the Umpqua River where JB’s family cabin is.

So for all of next week, here’s where I’ll be:


JB loves that summer cabin, and I imagine Riley will grow to enjoy it just as much. Me…I wish it weren’t quite so far away, because after Hour Six crawls by on that slog down I-5 the whole ‘get away from it all’ aspect starts losing its appeal.

I always have a good time once I’m there, though. And lord knows I need a suntan. I look like something raised in a mushroom farm.

In my absence, I have posts scheduled to go up each weekday at Purple Is a Fruit. My bright idea was to write somewhat new-somewhat recycled entries about pregnancy, so if by chance you want to read about my constipation and water retention AGAIN…uh, awesome. You’re very kind. They’ll be over here.

Also, I wanted to steal an idea from my friend Kristin. I have four questions for you:

1. Who do you live with?
2. What are some of the things you do at work (“work” includes managing households and raising children, of course)?
3. What are you proud of?
4. What are five things you love, and five things you hate?

If you are up for it, I’d love to read your answers in the comments section. I had so much fun spying on Kristin’s readers; hearing from you guys would just tickle me Elmo. Er, pink.

In the spirit of quid-pro-quoism, here are my answers:

1. I live with my husband JB, my 10-month old son Riley, a perpetually pissed off Cat and a water-loving, fur-shedding Dog.

2. At my office job I write blog entries (for Workplace’s blog), press releases, advertising copy, website content, and lots of cranky emails about the development process of our software. At home I play peekaboo, retrieve dropped toys, say “that’s the doggie!” a lot, and attempt to meet Riley’s various nutritional, sleep, and grooming needs.

3. I’m proud of the mother I am becoming. I’m proud of having found ways to spend as much time writing as I do. I’m proud of my ability to find things on Google.

4. I love my family (pets included), taking photos and tinkering with them digitally, trashy celebrity magazines, the smell of autumn, and most things that contain sugar. I hate spiders, having contractors in my house, the bumpy skin on my upper arms, people who refuse to let me merge from the Montlake eastbound onramp onto 520, and tentatively waving back to someone who is actually waving at someone behind me.

No pressure or anything, it’s just that I’ll look forward to reading your answers all week long. It’s just that I’ll be completely crushed and disappointed if I don’t hear from you. But, you know, NO BIG.

Okay! Off to Oregon, then. You people have a wonderful week, a fantastic holiday – if you’re celebrating – and I’ll talk to you when I get back.


(P.S. I just left this in the comments, but I am AMAZED and totally enjoying reading about you guys. Seriously, this is awesome and I will read every single thing you post. This is now what I’m doing instead of PACKING, so if I forget the sunscreen it’s alllllll your fault.)


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17 years ago

Ok…coming in a little late here but I LOVE your blog and read it everyday. You are absolutely fabulous Sundry.
1. I live with my husband of four years and our almost eight month old son. Also our two needy cats and their endless fur dust-bunnies that hide under the furniture and in the corners (I consider them my pets as well). Housework is also severly neglected in our household since the baby.
2. I am proud that at 24 I moved out of country to marry my hubby and start a new life. I am proud that I have done things the way I want and have started to not care of what other’s think. I am proud that I saved myself by leaving my family drama behind when I moved. I am proud of my hubby and I and all the things we have accomplished together in four years. I am proud of my little boy.
3. I work out of the home part-time in the medical field but consider this mothering job the hardest full-time job I have ever had. Working part-time is like a mini break in which I get paid for (YEAH!). And I am a better mother for it.
3. I love my little family and what we are creating for ourselves. I love chai tea lattes even though I know Starbucks is evil and will take all your money if you let them (still I am weak). I love the beach and would love to live by the ocean again someday. I love the way my son’s entire face lights up when he smiles and the fact that it is infectious to all around him.
4. I hate mean people, people who neglect animals or abuse them, road rage, chai tea lattes with no foam, still having to lose the baby weight 8 months later, and thinking of people who I care about passing away.

17 years ago

1. I live with my gorgeous, hilarious and oh-so-independent 21 month old son and his dad, who shares the same qualities as his son. In the mix as well are our two cats, rescues from Manhattan Animal Care and Control…who, come to think of it, also fit into the above catagorization.

2. Some things I do for work include litigate on behalf on animals, cook meals/snacks for the fam which are generally free of animal products (as one of my cohorts has said, “can’t eat our clients!”), write and do the usual work-out-of-the-home-mom/dad shuffle…I know you know what I mean and I don’t have to write in detail about the hours logged doing housework, sandbox/inflateable pool play, stroller pushing, etc. etc.

3. I am proud of making it through the law school/bar process, having lived in different areas of the country (I hate moving!), maintaining far-flung friendships and solidifying relationships that are important ones, making it through what could be termed a somewhat difficult first year of child-having, trying to live a healthier life than I led growing up (and affording my son and partner the opportunity to do so as well).

4. a- the beloved: my family, the seasons that don’t include snow and early darkness (heres to you, spring and summer, and all of the fun times you afford), watching whose wedding is it anyway, farmer’s markets (though not during nap time, no no no– that would be something I hate), riding my bike on flat surfaces with my babe in the back and my boyfriend by my side (please cue the violins playing dramatic music and bring on the soft focus).

b. – the hated: crippling student loans slash low paid non-profit salaries, animal abuse in all forms, being disorganized and therefore not having enough time, commercials and bananas.

My Spin On Things
17 years ago

1. I live with my husband Zeus and son Posideon:)

2. I am the Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce in Oregon. I over see a lot, facilitate a lot, mediate a lot, write press releases, plan events etc. The real work begins when I get home. That includes being a taxi, maid, chief cook and bottle washer, nanny, landscaper, dry cleaner, referee, etc… We have two acres to keep up and attend to, and it’s a never ending job, that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.
3. I am proud of the person I have become:) The mother that I am, the partner I am, and the son I am raising.
4. I love my son, my husband, the sun, ice cold water, and music. I hate mean people, coleslaw, liver, day light savings time,and waiting in line.

This was fun:)

17 years ago

1. I live with my husband Joe, with whom I will celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary at the end of this month, my 7 year old daughter Katie, and my 14 year old foster daughter Stephanie as well as two insane dogs and one disdainful cat.
2. I own my own business: a small, independant new-and-used bookstore (www.somanybooks.biz) and I run it pretty much all day every day besides raising my kids and managing the house and all of that other nonsense.
3. I am proud of my mom. In the last year she has lost over 150 pounds and, at the age of 46, with all her children grown, is starting a second life for herself.
4. I Love: 1. My family 2. My church 3. My store 4. Dave Matthews 5. chocolate
I Hate: 1. People who are mean to kids 2. People who are ignorant of the world around them 3. People who throw their cigarette butts out their car windows 4. Romance Novel writers 5. The days when my kids make me want to tear out my hair instead of being the perfect June Cleaver mom

17 years ago

1. Who do you live with?
My fiance, and a very large very mean orange cat named Slick Rick, also, every other weekend, three future stepkids.
2. What are some of the things you do at work (”work” includes managing households and raising children, of course)?
I work at a university, specifically in the gross anatomy medical lab dissecting. People usually start squirming at this part or gearing up to ask me a thousand questions. Also, I work part time at a Drycleaners, and to tell you the truth I don’t know what is more gross. Dissecting cadavers or checking for stuff in strangers pants pockets. (at least I can wear gloves at the university)
3. What are you proud of? I’m proud of working two jobs and going back to school to work on my degree, I’m proud of my fiance for finding ways to make things work with his hateful ex wife in order to spend time with his kids, I’m proud of my home.
4. What are five things you love, and five things you hate?
I love (besides family and friends) cool breezes on a summer day, crab cakes, good hair days, planning a kickass wedding and friday afternoons at 4:30.
I hate getting out of bed, commercials that feature sounds of chewing, swallowing or any other sounds of mastication. I WILL NOT BUY YOUR PRODUCT!!!!! (I have my finger pointed at you Kelloggs), birds, and the hot stink of death currently wafting from the garbage shed. YUCK.

17 years ago

I can’t believe I read them all!

I live with: My sweet and wonderful husband, and Lucky Johnson the Dog.

I work: For a neurosurgeon (I’m convinced, the only nice one on the planet), scheduling surgery, organizing all the pictures and pokes that get sent out of our office, and basically, um, everything I’m asked to do. We’ve had a bit of turnover, so we’re working with a staff of three for a office with positions for five, so it has been a bit frantic lately, but someday, hopefully, it won’t be like that.

I am proud of: My husband, who left a cushy job as a hospital administrator to run the Phoenix Film Festival, (even if he did do it for free for ten months…) He’s grown it so much and made it so much more efficient. If anyone wants to come next year (in April) or this year to the International Horror and Sci Fi Film Festival (in October), I can probably get you a good deal on a pass!

I’m also proud of the big life changes I made after I was widowed at age 26. I moved from ND to Phoenix, away from all my family and everyone I’d ever known, got a job in a field totally unrelated to my degree, and met and married my new husband within 6 months. I’ve never been happier.

I’m proud of my brother, for becoming a foster parent at age 23. He’s working on adopting those kids, and it’s so amazing to see what a parent he’s become.

I love: Seeing our patients walk after sometimes years in a wheelchair. My family, including my first husband’s family, who has adopted this husband without batting an eye. My yellow bathroom. Flip flops. Fireworks. Homemade ice cream. Emails from my mama. Nicknames from my husband, even though I pretend to hate them. Suns basketball. Daisies. Hardcover books. Grapefruit bubble bath. Cooking for my friends. Clean sheets. Full tank of gas.

I hate: Marinara sauce. Yes, including pizza. People who don’t listen to me at work, forcing me to do things twice even though they’ll eventually end up doing what I told them to in the first place. My so far inability to have a baby. Every lane of the freeway that is not the carpool lane. Cherry popsicles.

17 years ago

1. I live with my boyfriend and our insane jack russell/husky mix puppy, oh yeah we have a fish too

2. I pick up after messy women all day long (I’m a retail slave)

3. I am proud that I taught myself how to cook and I actually make food people want to eat. I am proud of my my dog when she learns a new trick. I am proud that all my life I wanted to get out of the little town I grew up in, and I finally did it (Even though I only live 40 minutes away)

4. I love: diet cherry pepsi, the smell in the air after it rains on a summer day, surprises (even if they aren’t for me), walking on the beach in the winter, wet puppy kisses, hotdogs at baseball games, red nail polish the brighter the better, bonnebell lipsmaker (even though my 11 year old sister thinks it so last year)

I hate: bad drivers, people who talk on their phone while in the check out line, having to get up at the crack of dawn, not being able to spend any time with the people I love, washing silverware by hand, running in to people I haven’t seen in years when my hair is a mess and I’m not wearing any makeup

17 years ago

1. I live on my own in a delightfully shabby art deco apartment.

2.I’m in IT in voice comms, so I program and manage the company’s voice network. Some insanely boring administration type stuff and torturing the other techs I work with (Especially the Unix guys, nothing but fucking trouble) And I manage my house, which is involves keeping the cleanliness slightly above third world level and killing as many house plants as I possibly can.

3. I’m proud I quit smoking a few months ago, I’m proud at how I’ve turned out (generally), I’m proud at my work ethic, I’m proud of my family, I’m proud that I can easily have chocolate biscuits and wine for dinner every night and no one can stop me. Oh yeah.

4. Love – Spooning, doing what I’m doing right now – spending a winter’s Sunday on my lounge watching a DVD, beers on a Sunday afternoon with my friends and sister, cooking and making out with a delicious boy.
Hate – Right now my job, wet towels and having to use them, arrogant and sexist men (grrr), getting up in the morning when it’s still dark, I also have an irrational annoyance by red haired people – bloody ginge’s.

Sarah M.
17 years ago

I read your journal every day (although I don’t comment much), but since you’ve been gone for the past week, I only just remembered to answer this. LOL

1. Who do you live with?
My husband and my black cat, Caspian. Who thinks he is human. And in about 5 months we’ll have a baby. I suspect the cat is already plotting ways to get rid of said baby while my back is turned.

2. What are some of the things you do at work (”work” includes managing households and raising children, of course)?
I’m a lowly Associate at Babies R Us. A very understaffed Babies R Us. So I basically do everything that I am allowed to do while pregnant and a few things that I probably shouldn’t do :P

3. What are you proud of?
My college degree (BRU is a very temporary job…ahem). The fact that I can knit. And the fact that my husband and I are making it – and making it well – when we’re about 8 years younger than your average married couple in the USA. (We’re 22 and 23).

4. What are five things you love, and five things you hate?
5 things I love:
-my family and cat
-any dessert that involves cool whip
-smirnoff ice(this pregnancy needs to be over soon…)
-dvr’ed episodes of Greys Anatomy and Friends
-a good book

5 things I hate:
-people who treat retail and restaurant workers like they’re servants
-running into someone I haven’t seen for years while I’m out wearing not so stylish clothing and no makeup (shamefully, it does happen sometimes)
-people who give me unsolicited parenting advice
-when people don’t use their turn signals
-the fact that I’ll have to go back to work at 6 weeks postpartum

17 years ago

I’m late to the party because my iBook was away on an AppleCare vacation.

1. I live with my fiance (Afsheen), our crazy mutant dog (Paddington), and a mysterious constant influx of dust (seriously, where does it come from? how does it appear mere hours after we clean?).

2. I’m currently a reality TV “assistant story editor”, which means I screen hours of raw footage and take notes on it, do a lot of organizational stuff for my department, write script segments, drink too much iced tea, and put my mad Google skillz to work.

3. I’m proud of my independence, that I moved across the country for college, graduated in four years, and never once moved back. I’m proud that I’m figuring out how to be a responsible adult while still being a goofball. I’m proud of my relationship, especially since we’re both stubborn type-A firstborns who are always right, and that’s not the easiest combination. I’m proud of my dog for never once in his life wanting to eat poop. I’m proud of my mom for starting over at age 40 and making a great life and career for herself.

4. Five things I love:
taking Paddington to the park
the teacups at Disneyland
fall on the east coast
taking pictures

And hate:
when people don’t use turn signals
Girls Gone Wild and the predatory industry it’s created
George W. Bush, his stolen presidency, and all the bad things he’s done with it
my father’s influence over my grandmother
red bell peppers in any form

17 years ago

1. I live with my husband and a 3 week old fetus that I hope will make it full term. My last pregnancy was a miscarriage; I am hoping this one is different. I wish I lived with a dog or two, but my husband is allergic. Boo.

2. I work in a homeless shelter where I am a children’s case manager, I am good at working with kids, getting them to talk and open up. At home I am good at doing a ton of laundry in one day, working with my husband to redo our house by ourselves (we’re almost done, we only have the basement left to redo and that is taking the longest), and making sure the grass stays cut.

3. I am proud of my marriage, proud that I got a master’s degree while working full time and redoing a house, proud that I ran a marathon and proud that I may be a mama in 9 months (though I am scared that something will go wrong before then).

4. I love my family, reading, basil, ice cream floats and Napa Valley. I hate bad drivers, not getting enough sleep, my neighborhood, D.C.’s summer mugginess and losing a child.

17 years ago

I hope I’m not too late….was on vacation.
1. I live with my husband aka JB and my 5-month old daughter aka Boo.
2. I work as a professional baby wrangler (thanks for providing me with the official term, by the way) :) and I’m a part-time film student. Lots of playing pee-a-boo, changing diapers and picture taking. I quit my other job when I was pregnant…was in marketing for an NYC real estate firm. I like my new job much better.
3. I am proud of being a good mom and having my own little family that I cherish. I’m proud to be pursuing a BA at a great school even though I’m 31 years old. Yeah, I actually waddled into classes with 19 year olds last fall….nice. Also proud of all of the wrong and right moves I made to get me where I am….without them I wouldn’t be me. Hope I can always say that.
4. I love – My family, dogs, traveling (with a great book), chocolate chip mint ice cream, music and movies – more than 5, oh well.
I hate – Nit-picking in-laws, untrimmed nose hair, forgetting my next word when everyone is looking at me, blushing – I can’t help it!!, and dutch ovens. :)

Mrs. Breedorf
17 years ago

Damn, I’m late to the party.

1. Live with: Mr. Breedorf, our almost-four-month-old son Theo, and Dixie Dog.
2. Work: taking care of Theo, laundry (Mr. Breedorf does trash, I do laundry), occasional vacuuming but never dusting, and in a few weeks returning part-time as a software designer.
3. Proud of: being first in my class in my Master’s program, picking the perfect rug for the living room (it really ties the room together AND hides dog hair), what a wonderful dad Mr. Breedorf has turned out to be.
4. Love: buying stuff, spring, food, drive-through espresso stands, Theo’s 80-year-old-smoker laugh. Hate: dusting, Dixie’s shedding season, how time is flying by, crumbs in the bed, when Theo is unhappy.

17 years ago

1. I live with my husand, three year old son, two fat tabby cats, and a giant, constantly shedding Bernese Mountain Dog.

2. At work I read and research the law and make recommendations and findings about same. I also spend far too much time surfing the net and am afraid I might reach the end of the internet one of these days.

3. I am proud of the way my son seems to be turning out, of finally getting back into shape after having a baby, of waiting to marry until I found a man who is as geekily in love with british humor, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and other extremely nerdy things as I am and not settling for “close enough”

4. I love: my family and friends, vacations (anywhere/anytime), hearing my son laugh when I tickle him or he thinks something is funny, reading a really good book and being transported, and crying my eyes out at some ridiculous movie. I hate: people with no sense of humor, traffic, animal or child abuse, being cold, and public speaking.

17 years ago

I live in a Co-op with 50 other neurotic/crazy/depressed/manic/etc. college students. Everything is done cooperatively . . . cooking, cleaning, groceries. Many of those I live with are very close friends of mine, while others are just acquaintances.

I do lots of school work, but not too much. I also work variable hours in a couple of labs on campus. In one I count lots of very small insects, and in the other I use a complicated computer program I barely understand to map the flow of water around the chemosensory hairs of crustacean antennules.

P.S. The above counts for the last few years of my life. Right now I am in post college graduation limbo.

I am proud that I am currently backpacking across South America and that I went to my last final wearing nothing but dress shoes, tie, top hat, and an adult diaper.

I love trying new foods, riding a bike down-hill, Dr. Seuss books, cool animals, and those rare times I wake up early with out an alarm. I hate cold showers, bad television shows, impatient people, disappointment, and when you wear a backpack and your back gets all sweaty.

17 years ago

1. Who do you live with?

I live with my fiance, John, who is a computer programmer, a hysterical man, and a kick-ass dancer when no one is watching. He also whistles absent-mindedly at inappropriate times and when he likes a song, must turn it UP no matter how loud it already is.

2. What are some of the things you do at work (”work” includes managing households and raising children, of course)?

I manage a legislative office. I operate a blog, put together a newsletter every other week, deal with/write for the press operation, train new people, spend a lot of time waiting around the State House, and try to figure out the best way to manage each individual person, which is a lot harder than i thought it would be.

3. What are you proud of?

I am proud of myself for sticking it out at this job despite the fact that government is dominated by men. When I say “dominated” I don’t just mean that there are more men than women. I mean that the men are highly competitive and won’t let anyone, man or woman, friend or foe, get in their collective or individual way. I was about to check out because of this problem when I decided to give the situation a big fat FUCK THAT SHIT and try to take it back. Right now I’m hanging in here.

4. What are five things you love, and five things you hate?

Love: John, my cat, my family, reading, good vegetarian food
Hate: competitive mo-fos who have no souls, eggplant, roasted peppers, jackhammers, and garbage cans

17 years ago

I have been without internet for a while but I will post too!

1. I live with my boyfriend Chris (we have the same first and last name… Christen and Christopher “Same Last Name” but are not related) and our two kittens, Charlotte York and Conan O’Brien.

2. I make pretty brochures, take photos, and in general promote health and wellbeing. I work at a university recreation center as their marketing director. One thing I did last year was develop an employee pedometer program for the whole campus that has been amazingly successful. People tell me they have lost up to 35lb just since January, and raised their HDL cholesterol to healthy levels. I am very happy about this.

3. See above statement about job, and also that I have not settled in life. I am very independent and not afraid to move to a new state by myself, and conquer the unknown. I go for what I want and most times, I get it. I am also really good at writing, very smart (yes! I’m smart!) and I’m a pretty nice person. Also, I don’t do things just because people think I should (any more).

4. Love: My cats, my boyfriend, jogging, laying in the sun, and disco music.
Hate: OBGYN appointments, pro-lifers (this does NOT mean that I hate children or women with children as I have been accused before… sheesh), weirdo religious freaks that impose their views on me or tell me I’m going to hell for x or y, heights when not secured in a roller coaster, and the new Rihanna song. Rihanna, shut up already. If you don’t wanna do this anymore, don’t. Just stop singing about it.

17 years ago

I am also late late to the party, but I just discovered your blog and am catching up! It’s only fair you know who the hell I am, no?

1. I live with my husband, our 13 month old son, and two ferrets.

2. At office-type job, I teach classes, write grants, and do research (mostly on scholarship of teaching and learning-type stuff). I also go to way too many meetings. At home, I cook, and am in charge of cleaning floors and dusting when I remember to do so. Also play lots of “Uh-oh!” games, which translates into the boy saying “Uh-Oh!”, and then throwing whatever object he has so I may retrieve it.

3. I am proud of my academic accomplishments and of the way motherhood has made me a better person.

4. I love: my family and friends, my job, crisp summer mornings before it heats up, good coffee, and good conversation. I hate: dealing with insurance/financial stuff, when my child is sick, being lonely in a new city, anti-intellectualism, not having enough time to enjoy family and friends

17 years ago

Yes, yet another one. Why not!

1. I live with my husband (Mr. Volatile, so named long before he became my spouse, and I’ve seen no reason to change the name), 3 poodles, 2 cats, the ghosts of 2 fish (and the supposed ghost of the first owner of our house, who killed himself when his wife left him for the general contractor, although I’ve never seen the ghost, and would prefer not to), and about 10,000 mice (give or take a couple, on any given day).

2. I spend much of my day cleaning up poop (between the dogs, the cats and the mice, it could be a full-time job). My real job supposedly consists of being an egg-head researcher type person at a university. My actual job consists of lots of scut work, lots of avoiding office politics, and trying to evade my boss when I want to leave work early.

3. I’m proud of the fact that I keep persevering at sports, even though I have no innate athletic ability. Oh, and I guess I’m proud of the Ph.D., too. It took me long enough to get it… And I’m proud of the husband for becoming less volatile than he was when I first met him.

4. I love my ‘kids’ (the dogs and cats), the spouse, my Super G skis, the last pair of cycling shorts I got, and my Harley. I hate middle-management, the amount of poop in my house at any given time, the fact that the mice drown themselves in the dogs’ water dishes, being broke, and dusting.

Ms. Boombastic
17 years ago

1. I live with my 23-year-old roommate, a crazy black cat, and a cat that I call my British cat because of his very cute name. My British cat was supposed to be temporary but has ended up being permanent.
2. I teach eighth graders literature every day. I love my job, but sometimes I think I was crazy to sign on for it.
3. I am proud of being a teacher. I am proud for breaking up with my high school sweetheart of nine years even though it was one of the most difficult decisions I ever had to make.
4. I love Hello Kitty, summer clothes, those personal size watermelons (seriously, who came up with this genius idea!), watching tv shows like Party of Five and Felicity on DVD, and Marilyn Monroe.
I hate being shy, the disappointing experiences I have had with boys since I broke up with my high school sweetheart, onions, skinny jeans, and the way my roommate leaves her dishes in the sink instead of putting them in the dishwasher right away.

17 years ago

1.) I live with my girlfriend, Tammy, and her 2 daughters (technically she has 3, but Robyn is in – oh, fuck. Where is she? Oh yeah, India. Foreign Exchange Student thing) Jessica, 20, and Alyssa 17, and our cat, Nita.

2.) I currently don’t work, but am still looking for employment. But I do however, work at the house everyday. i.e.: Laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. etc.

3.) I am proud of the relationship I have with Tammy. We are doing very well, which is the reason for my lack of updates. I am also proud of the fact that I don’t hinder of issues like I used to. Moving on sometimes is really for the best, and holding on so much really isn’t healthy. I figure when people want to see the errors they have made, they will do so. And, I also proud of myself. I am learning how to love myself a little more everyday. It really is a learning experience.

4.) I love my family (That includes Tammy and her girls, and her friends, plus my children even though they aren’t with me) I still love the friends I had, even though they claim false accusations against me. I really don’t know how to hate people, I only know how to dislike them. And I love my new life. I’ve never really been so happy before.

I hate how I never write about my sexcapdes with me and my girlfriend. (and so does she) I hate liars, people who take advantage of others, and ignorance. I truly do believe that ignorance can be fixed, (but stupidity is forever) I hate how I can’t fall to sleep right away at night because my mind doesn’t know when to shut down. I hate how I give so much of myself to people who later on don’t tell me the truth as to why they no longer want to be my friends. And I also hate how I have to so damned organized. Everything just has to be in place. no, I don’t think I’m Anal Obsessive, but you never can tell.
And last but not least, I hate how I never stay up-to-date with you and how I am always the last in line to answers your amazing questions. Gah~!

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