July 23, 2006

It has been hot, here in Seattle. To us Pacific Northwesterners who often must don fleece coats and rain hats on the fourth of July, the temperatures have been hot. Africa-hot. Thank-god-we-got-air-conditioning-three-weeks-ago hot. Let’s-freeze-root-beer-in-ice-cubes hot.


(Root Cubes! Add to massive serving of ice cream for optimal flavor.)

I bought this awful kiddie pool a while back, it took so much effort to inflate its various parts I completely gave up on it and so for the last few weeks we’ve had this deflated hunk of plastic in the backyard that JB loved to make fun of. But this weekend I redeemed myself by scissoring off the entire top “canopy” section, which left a perfectly decent pool base. When Saturday got muggy beyond all reason, we put Riley in:


He was definitely a fan. Sadly, Dog had to be sequestered inside the house while the pool contained water, so badly did she want to splash and dig and rip it to pieces with her claws.

Today we made our first foray to a local beach. We’d lived here for what, four years now? And we’ve never gone to a beach to go swimming. I didn’t even think Lake Washington was swimmable, honestly. I thought people who actually got in the water and swam were wearing wetsuits, or were drunk, or had a seven-inch protective layer of blubber, or something.

I guess my own blubber finally worked in my favor today because that water felt amazing. It was just a knockout day, sunny and blue-skied and the lake sparkled and even the proximity of the I-90 overpass was sort of nice. We took Riley in the water and he went nuts, splashing and kicking and generally having a ball.



(Once again the photogenic mother-child moment escapes me.)

Man. Summer, you know? It goes by way too fast, every year.

This was a crazy weekend in terms of keeping Riley out of various dangers, I wrote about his current stage here, but suffice to say the boy is constantly moving, curious, pulling himself up on various things, and turning me into a nervous wreck.

A rare moment of sitting still.

Peeking at me from behind the sofa.

On a final note, I’d like to ask you something. Actually, let me show you something first:


Now let me recall for you a recent conversation I had with JB.

JB: I don’t like eating cereal out of these green bowls.
Me: Why?
JB: They’re too…fancy.
Me: I got them at Target for like three dollars. What do you mean, fancy.
JB: They’re too – I end up eating too much cereal when I use them.
Me: So put less cereal in.
JB: They’re just weird.
Me: They’re nicer than our plain white bowls, I think.
JB: I think most people would agree with me.
Me: That they’re…weird?
JB: Ask your journal readers.
Me: Fine.
JB (as an afterthought): But make sure to ask the guys.

W the proverbial F? Are the green glass bowls weird? Do you fear them? Would you be hesitant to fill one with cereal? If you’re a guy, does the white bowl reinforce your manhood in some inexplicable manner?


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17 years ago

Well, they’re both kind of…awful. But Riley will be in the crockery breaking years soon, so it will all be moot!

17 years ago

heh. pete: they both do like like candy dishes, don’t they?

also, i stared at the root beer ice cubes for like 5 minutes trying to figure out what it was. i thought it was a rusty something or other. then i read the entry. duh. next time, i’ll read first.

17 years ago

I prefer to eat my cereal out of a deeper bowl – because I normally fill up the shallow-er bowls with way to much cereal and the the milk spills out and I’m not a fan of Cleaning Things Up.

I’m not a particualr fan of either bowl, but if being forced to choose, I’d choose the green one. Its just cooler.

17 years ago

I say the white bowl is better for cereal. The green bowl is too deep. I would end up knocking cereal out of it while trying to dunk my spoon far enough to get enough milk. The white bowl is shallow allowing the milk to be closer to the top of the cereal. No spillage.

17 years ago

Erin sent me over from http://callingthishome.blogspot.com/, and I must say, I don’t think there would be anything wrong with eating from a green bowl. Personally, they look kind of like the bowls my grandma use to have, but I wouldn’t be against eating from them. The white bowl looks a lot more fancy to me.

But at the risk of quoting Dennis Miller, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.


I love your photos. You take great candid shots.

17 years ago

Have you actually tested the two bowls to see if the green bowl really holds more? They look about the same volume to me. And which one I’d eat cereal out of depends on what my mood was that morning and what the cereal was. I’d choose the white one for Mini Wheats and the green one for Cheerios.

17 years ago

The green bowls are so cool! They would only be “70s”-ish if they were sitting on an orange counter a la Carol Brady’s kitchen. Who cares if it’s green? As long as the milk going INTO the green bowl is not green, you shouldn’t get too peeved.

I say rock out with the green bowls!

Oh, and yes, the white bowl is WAY too shallow.

17 years ago

here are the only two rules of cereal eating:

1. cereal must be consumed out of a deep bowl.

2. cereal bowls must be opaque.

ergo, neither bowl you showed is sufficient for cereal.

14 years ago

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