Honest to god song lyrics heard this morning through the shower as JB serenaded Riley:

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and lakes you’re used to…”

Somebody needs to change the radio station he’s been listening to lately.

I wish I would have caught it on video, but now our shower has a glass door, and thus I’m probably banned from Capturing the Manhood in Full Pert-Soaped Glory, you know?

It’s not like the good old days, when a wife could humiliate her husband however she pleased:

(Heh. Just a little blast from the past, there. Also, holy crap, our bathroom looks totally different now.)

Okay, before naptime’s over I should maybe consider brushing my teeth, but real quick-like, I have some Extremely Important Questions for you:

• What are you doing this weekend? Do you have plans, or are you working, or just taking it easy, or what? Nosy-ass inquiring minds want to know.
• Anyone seen the new Scorsese flick? Is it any good?
• How many times can you say “Unique New York” without saying “Unique Yoo Nork”? My best record so far is zero.
• Is there any way to keep a toddler’s socks on if said toddler is intent on pulling them off? Staple gun?
• I think I have found my boots. You like?


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katie d
17 years ago

Those boots rawk. :) I have to bookmark this page so that when I get home, I can listen to JB be humiliated in full streaming glory, rather than in 1 second bursts, 2 seconds apart. Stupid laptop.

1. Working this weekend, but since working is comprised entirely of wandering around Paris taking pictures of whatever I like, I really can’t complain.

2. I avoid all movies containing Leonardo DiCaprio like the plague. I hate him with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. It’s a truly visceral thing. I could dish a little dirt on him from personal experience, but um, I guess that wasn’t the question, and it’s really just crusty dust, anyway. Only customer service people would probably be offended.

3. 15. On the 16th, like the awesome Rumblelizard, I say Nooyeek New York. It’s all about the rhythm.

4. Sock suspenders?

5. Again, those boots RULE.

17 years ago

i went to Heart this weekend. and it totally effing rocked my socks off! i may need a staple gun.

17 years ago

Your new boots have a 16″ inch shaft…ha ha shaft. Sorry. : )

17 years ago

Friday: Worked, repaired boyfriend’s car window, made dinner, watched The Office, slept while he did three loads of laundry.

Saturday: Wake up when boyfriend goes to work, waste delicious hours filing nails and reading Internets, do dishes minutes before boyfriend is due home, take him out to make mischief with friends from my hometown Here For One Night Only!

Sunday: Make breakfast. Pajamas, football. Play outside.

I am so boring. Also:


I like.

17 years ago


You can launch pumpkins at one of our patches, too! (In Missouri … Where, for what it’s worth, hippies, I neither hunt nor eat animals.) Not sure it’s a trebuchet, exactly … What is a trebuchet, exactly? Are we gonna split hairs here? (Am I wrong?)

I forgot the apple cider and pumpkin carving, and … maybe the Ren Fest. Dorks!

17 years ago

My weekend: practice for the mock trial I have on Tuesday…am nervous. I haven’t ever had a trial before. Gah…

Also, may try to convince the hubby to go for lunch with me today at the hot dog place we love. I say hot dog, but it’s so much more than that–the owner does fantastic sausage combinations. One of today’s specials is kangaroo sausage with gin-and-juniper mustard and rosemary-marinated goat cheese, and another is bacon sausage with roasted garlic dijonnaise and smoked Gouda cheese. How will I ever decide?? (Well, I mean, it’s probably not that difficult…I mean, BACON??? made into a SAUSAGE????? Hot Doug, I think I’m in love with you.)

Boots = hot. They’re gorgeous, and that’s a good price.

Unique New York = 5 times.

17 years ago

Having my daughter’s 4th birthday party, her first with actual little friends coming. There are goodie bags in my house.
Haven’t seen it.
Yep, zero.
Get him some slippers.

17 years ago

It’s starting to get cold here, so I feel justified sitting and watching television. Do you know how addicting “Sell This House” is on A&E? Unfortunately, it has the added effect of making me horribly anxiety ridden about selling our house, as I fear no one will ever buy it unless this show comes here and makes it purdy.

I just saw a promo for “Intervention” on A&E, and, well, um . . . I’ve not seen the show, but somehow I feel that certain things should be left untelevised. Then again, I’ve not seen the show, so maybe it’s done in a tasteless format. Does anyone else have an opinion?

17 years ago

Saw The Departed last weekend, and my boyfriend and I both thought it was one of the best movies we had seen in a long, LONG time. Excellent acting, suspenseful, and a very satisfying movie experience on the whole. Definitely see it! And it’s well worth seeing in the theater rather than waiting for DVD.

Weekend plans? Ran a 5k race this morning and then have lots and lots of academic work to do.

Meredith in Maryland
Meredith in Maryland
17 years ago

My boyfriend and I are going to a house concert in Ellicott City. Hey, maybe if I have enough wine, I can dazzle them with the Unique New York thing!

17 years ago

1) driving 1.5hr each way to get some keep-me-pregnant drugs that only the one hospital’s pharmacy carries (but I get to leave the toddler and Daddy at home, W00T!), then we’re going to take it easy and maybe do stuff and maybe not though we *are* going to visit the land we’re having a house built on because they.cut.down.trees this week and that’s EXCITING!

2) nope, and I’m not a huge fan of his so I likely won’t.
3) 2.5
4) depending on his abilities, try http://www.robeez.com/ these. We kept Ethan in them until he’d maxed out the sizes they have available because he couldn’t get them off and stopped trying after a while. This winter will be “the winter of our tiny, freezing toes”.
5) I like! But you’ll have to model them for us just to be sure.

17 years ago

Love the boots. I managed to say unique New York exactly once before falling into a pit of ridiculousness. Also, weekend plans involve(d) lots of trips to Target, looking for floor tiles, etc. and so far, have only included a trip to Target and a lunch that has made me so painfully ill all I can do is lay about on the couch like a pile of curdled sour cream and moan.

And I love love love, and did I mention love? that video. I wish I could hear ‘Waterfalls,’ but if the price is nudity, I am content with skipping it.

17 years ago

Awesome vid. I dont’ get any like that of Darren. I expect he’s too clever to do stuff like that around me.

This weekend? Cleaning and packing as we’re moving in a month after we close on the new townhouse and the apartment managers here need to start showing this place. Unfortunately, they’ll have to show it with boxes stacked everywhere. Oh and running out to the Honda dealership to see about getting some nicks repaired in the new Civic and to the computer store to get a new hard drive and stand for the laptop we use as a PVR. In other words, we’re doing chores and running errands. Such is life when you buy a house.

Haven’t seen the new Scorsese. Let me know how you liked it if you see it.

Sexy boots. I also have the large calves.

Unique New York – about a dozen or fifteen times, then I tripped over my tongue. :)

17 years ago

You are mean. Tis why I love you.

As for your Sundry Buzz site, my VISA begs you to cease and desist further recommendations. Kindly.

17 years ago

This weekend = bemoaning the fact that our pumpkin patch has no trebuchet. It’s clearly the only way my husband would go.

Love the boots.

As for socks – eventually he’ll stop pulling them off. Or he’ll pull them off, say “UH OH!” and hand them to you.

17 years ago

Friday, dinner with friends at the Olive Garden (last weekend of the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl!)
Saturday, 8 AM and 9:15 AM soccer games; future in-laws on their way now (3 PM) to visit with us. We’re getting married next week, so everyone is on their way, really.
Sunday, sleep in *hope, hope*

Jenny J.
17 years ago

Just got back from The Departed and we loved it! Best movie I’ve seen is awhile, but not surprising for Scorsese, it was heavy on the exploding GSW’s.

Sundry, can you demand that katie d shares her Leo crusty dust? Nosy ass minds want to know.

17 years ago

I like the boots, but the circumference (calf size) is 13″. as a person who has 14.5″ calves and subsequently does not fit into most boots in stores, I would caution you to measure yours… you probably already have, and I’m just being a douche, but it would suck to get them and then have to send them back and order another pair.

17 years ago

What are you doing this weekend? – Friday night was a Beijo purse party. New purse, yay! Today we went to a baby shower, then out to the in-laws. Tomorrow, the oh-so-thrilling “going to a wake”, which is a nice counterpoint to the baby shower. :-(
• Anyone seen the new Scorsese flick? Is it any good? – My husband and I must be the ONLY PEOPLE ON EARTH who didn’t like this movie. Actually, we both liked the first half, but felt the second half dragged on too long. Plus, we had a lot of small unanswered plot questions that annoyed us.
• How many times can you say “Unique New York” without saying “Unique Yoo Nork”? – I stopped counting after 10.
• Is there any way to keep a toddler’s socks on if said toddler is intent on pulling them off? – Have you tried a little Elmer’s glue on the bottoms of his feet? It’s non-toxic!

17 years ago

I forgot about that video… Still just as funny! Not doing much of anything this weekend, just relaxing and catching up with some friends… I was only able to say “Unique New York” three times before I mixed it up.

17 years ago

Hmmm weekend plans…. watch crappy movies, hang out at home, oh and drive all the way to Skopje in Macedonia to the UN approved dentist for porcelain caps…. woofrickinhoo
New York 2- I can do she sells sea shells on the sea shore about 5 times in a row though :þ
Love your boots, I was lucky enough to find a pair of nice italian ones here in Kosovo (I also have the calf problem (ballet dancing and yoga and whatnot)) http://static.flickr.com/116/267980722_9e0ea320df.jpg?v=0

17 years ago

Dealing w/my in-laws (ARGH), out for dinner in Boston w/husband for 6 yr anniversary!
Then cleaning the house…Mr. Clean & me until this place is sparkling.

LOVE the boots, you must get them.

17 years ago

bwahahaha that is to funny (that he was singing waterfalls). we are spending the weekend revelling in perfect midwestern autumn weather. yesterday we went to a park and today, we’re hittin the pumpkin patch along with every other family in the area. have a good weekend!

17 years ago

just read all the comments and
1) i too get all weepy when they show the addicts as kids on intervention. it also makes me say things like “wow, crack heads are really effin crack heads!”
2) the story about the mom putting red food coloring on the kid and telling her it was blood to make her sit still in front of the tv? it both confuses me (why would the kid sit still if she thought her leg was bleeding anyway?) and makes me going “huh?” and turn my head like scooby doo.
3) i’m in missouri too and i don’t kill and eat deer. once, in college, a friend hit a deer with her truck and they put it in the back of their truck. later, it was venison chili for all but i didn’t like it. i find venison gross. there are more deer in missouri (especially the st. louis area where i am) than there used to be naturally so i’m not anti-deer hunting, i just don’t do it. ted nugent goes bow hunting in missouri! rawk!
4) kangaroo sausage? does it have a kick to it?

17 years ago

Um, the weekend is almost over….but what the heck, I like to comment:
1. Domestic bliss (HA!): get the oil changed in the van and the truck inspected, go grocery shopping, and buy stuff for my sis-in-law’s baby shower in 2 weeks. And visit the Richmond Home Show to drool over things we can’t afford for our house and yard. And conquer the peaks of Mt. Laundry. And maybe bake some pumpkin bread.
2. Haven’t seen it. Baby. No baby sitter.
3. about four
4. nope
5. LOVE the boots! Wish I could justify having some myself, but alas, I am not hip, nor fashionable, and wear medical scrubs to work every day. I am more the Dansko clog type (wear them every day); if I am going to drop big money on shoes, those are what I do it for.

17 years ago

My little sister used to think the lyrics to Waterfalls were: “Go go, Jason Waterfalls”
Go Jason Go!

17 years ago

I don’t know about the rest of the stuff, but YES to the boots.

17 years ago

Bokker– that is hilarious! And I have to echo everyone who said that short of duct tape, if Riley doesn’t want his shoes on, they won’t be on!!

17 years ago

Three times.

That video is hilarious.

17 years ago

i went to the Heart concert. i am still in awe of Ann Wilson. what a gift!
haven’t seen the flick, ….. yet.
i can totally say it, twice! then i screw up.
and no, not even at the age of 2 1/2 do they keep ANY kind of footwear on the feet!
i heart the boots!

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