April 13, 2007

We now have six choices of Benjamin Moore painted on a wall in the kitchen; behold:


I had high hopes for Dorset Gold, the bottom left color, but sadly it looks less like a bold, warm, artistic choice and more like something I’d find in Riley’s diaper after a meal involving carrots. I think Powell Buff (upper far left) is still my favorite, although I kind of like Barley (upper far right) too.

Bah. I’m already sick of the remodel and it hasn’t even started yet. We got our final bid back and it’s higher than we had expected, so we’re having to scale back on a couple things. We were going to do this really cool built-in bookcase door between the new office space and the living room, a sort of sliding pocket door structure that would contain shelves—almost like a Scooby-Doo-esque secret passage into a cave filled with gold coins!—but we got the quote on that and since there isn’t really a cave filled with gold coins with which we could pay for the (10K! Whafuck?) door system, NEVER MIND, we’ll just drape a beaded curtain there or something. The built-in kitchen nook also has a scary pricetag, so we’re thinking of just creating the space and putting in a table and chairs rather than building in the U-shaped bench we had planned on.

Next week the work officially starts, in that workers will demo our existing carport. That should be . . . loud and obnoxious, but at least there’s no construction inside the house yet. Thinking of the days ahead when we’ll be washing dishes in the bathroom and putting our kitchen and stove—where, exactly? It is a mystery!—I mentioned to JB last night that it would be easier, logistically speaking, just to move, if housing wasn’t so insanely ridiculously inflated that is, and he said, “Oh no, the remodel’s only going to take three months.”

He thought for a moment, then amended his statement: “Four months maybe.”


So this weekend we need to remove all the stuff that’s currently in the creepy, spider-filled storage closet in the carport in preparation for the demolition work. Once the carport is gone, there will be a giant open gap into the backyard, so we also need to figure out what the hell to do about Dog (build a temporary fence, maybe).

You know, the bright side of all this upcoming construction work is that Riley will be in seventh heaven. I hope they bring a GIANT EXCAVATOR.

All right, your turn. What are you doing this weekend?


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17 years ago

This weekend sees me attending the end of an academic conference. I volunteered so I could get free registration, which includes things like free books and FREE WINE AND FOOD (my grad student heart is all a-flutter at this). It’s pretty awesome. Oh, and stalking my academic heroes.

17 years ago

We’re going to Monster Golf this weekend! With glow-in-the-dark monsters and mini golf and various arcade games, and birthday cake, etc. etc. I expect a tantrum tomorrow afternoon, post-party.

I like both the colors on the right, the barley, is it? and the yellow one under it. Though you could just leave the kitchen patchwork squares, which would certainly add that cool, modern touch of I-don-t-give-a-fuck-what-you-think.

17 years ago

This buff is the same as the last buff? It looks different, and I dig it here.

I’m spending the weekend with my in-laws for my MIL’s 60th. It’s riveting stuff, really. Or not, because right now I want to break out the vodka in large quantities or maybe an IV drip, even though I don’t really drink. I do have a few Vicodin downstairs though, and oh, they are tempting. TEMPTING.

17 years ago

Phoenix Film Festival, baby. Although, I’m working it, rather than attending. At any rate, good stuff. Also I’m closing on our second mortgage – those pesky credit cards, car loan, and tax return will all be paid off, with room left to pay the dentist for my $1600 root canal, new dishwasher, and (FINALLY!) landscaping for our backyard.

If it helps at all, my parents have one of those built-in bench nook thingies, and they hate it a lot. They thought it would make more room in the kitchen, but all it does it make the dining area inflexible in terms of seating, and the grandbabies try to climb all over it every time they’re there.

17 years ago

I vote for Barley- I think it is a really good color to balance the red in the living room and brighten up the granite.

This weekend, I am going to power on with the exercise regime and do two bikram yoga classes. Saturd

17 years ago

I vote for Barley- I think it is a really good color to balance the red in the living room and brighten up the granite.

This weekend, I am going to power on with the exercise regime and do two bikram yoga classes. Saturday night plans revolve around the sofa but I think I might sneak off to a vernissage for a bit of grown-up fun before husband gets home from work- after being trapped in the house all day with a snotty toddler suffering from allergies. FUN! Maybe we’ll finish off the planting for the balcony if the weather stays nice. Paris is supposed to be nice and sunny all weekend, so I plan on spending lots of time outdoors enjoying the nice weather.

17 years ago

Oddly enough, our renovation is starting next week, too, so this weekend will be spent boxing up everything in our kitchen and buying a teensy beer fridge (why can’t I just call it a mini-fridge? there will be no beer in it…yet, a beer fridge it is) to stick in the living room and lots of plastic plates and utensils for our renovation diet of cereal and Balance Bars (and also plaster, which I expect will be everywhere). And! We’ll be picking out a paint color for our kitchen walls.

Eeeerie parallels, no? (Well, ok, no. Fine.)

(And technically my husband will be doing most of this stuff because I got an emergency work assignment on Friday at 5pm, so I will be squirrelling around collecting case law while he wraps up our crystal in newspaper. Bwah ha ha!)

Powell Buff ALL the way, man.

17 years ago

I am attending a wedding in Palm Springs. I will also, lay by a pool and nap, weather permitting. Awesome.

17 years ago

We have dorset gold on the walls of our dining room, and it’s gorgeous! We get lots of compliments on it. (And now I’m looking suspiciously at the walls as I’m typing, thinking, “Does that look like baby poop?? NAHHH!”)

17 years ago

This has nothing to do with this current entry, but with a past entry on your other page, but I thought I’d share it here too for all your other readers to enjoy.


17 years ago

Oh, and my plans were/are:
Catch up on sleep from ridiculously fun, drunken work party Thursday night (check)
Go for a bike ride on the beach
Get some sun by the pool
Go to the country bar in Long Beach
Finish painting my living room (we’re going with Sunflower, from Wal Mart–similar to the dark one up there, but less diarrhea-esque)
Finish putting together two kitchen chairs and one bookshelf
Work out
Do laundry

That’s it. Exciting stuff, eh?
You have a good one, and I hope they bring lots of quiet, large, fun-looking pieces of equipment to keep Riley entertained for the duration of the remodel. :)

17 years ago

This weekend…. Today I am putting the finishing touches on my wedding plans because the big day is next Saturday. I’m printing programs as we speak, and I FINALLY found a processional song that is not Canon in D or Here Comes The Bride or anything that I’ve heard at the 76 weddings I’ve attended these last 10 years. It was my one point of insanity.

Tomorrow, conveniently, I have to go to a court-ordered defensive driving class for 6 hours. I got a speeding ticket and rather than lose my license for 2 weeks (I was going pretty darn fast) and get 4 points (meaning my insurance would be even more obscenely expensive than it already is, I had to take the class within 30 days. Seeing as how I’ll be in Hawaii for 2 weeks out of 4 this month, I had to get into a class right away. Should be really thrilling.

But I’m so glad I got some of the important stuff out of the way today. I can’t wait for next Saturday!

17 years ago

So far, laying on the couch watching Tom clean the house, make dinner, and cater to my every whim. Okay, not all of them (bastard) but I am milking this pregnancy-fatigue thing today. Tomorrow is knit club (party time, fabulous) and then I have to cram 2 books (Didion’s Slouching towards Bethlehem, and Hong’s Warrior Woman) into my skull before Monday morning.

17 years ago

Painting swatches is the BEST thing to do when testing colors. We learned that the hard way. We narrowly avoided a 1971 Appliance Avocado Green for our family room that way.

17 years ago

Sunflower from Wal Mart looks kind of like I just made a paste of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese cheese and spread it on my walls.
HOWEVER–we are only living here for three more months, possibly, so I’m fine with it.
If we extend our lease, I *might* be repainting a less cheesy color.

17 years ago

Don’t be too afraid of the Dorcet Gold. It looks close to what we painted out office. It was called Maynard Gold. As my hubby was painting it, I had the same thoughts as you did about the color. However, now that the whole thing is done, I think it looks great.

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