April 24, 2007

Not that anyone asked, but I emphatically (with vigorous hand gestures, even) recommend against watching The Good Shepherd, unless you enjoy movies that are 19573629659784917 hours long and involve murky, confusing plotlines and about eighty billion scenes where one character stares with great suspicion at another character. Not even the much-appreciated inclusion of John Turturro could save this snorefest, so it’s going back to Netflix today and hopefully Notes on a Scandal will arrive soon in its place (have you seen it? I read the book a while back and loved loved loved it, so I have high hopes).

JB tells me he can’t view sundrymourning.com from his hotel in Shanghai, apparently it is a blocked site. I am FORBIDDEN!

Also, it’s embarrassing how much I am into this video. Seriously. I bought it from iTunes just so I could watch the part where they bellydance over and over and over. I can’t even parse my own attraction, is it some kind of weird BeyoncĂ©/Shakira-lust on my part, or am I just envious of their abs?

ANYWAY, I had an actual reason for visiting my WordPress Admin Page, and it is this: I would like to buy a new pair of jeans, and I’d like some suggestions for brands/styles. My beloved Cruel Girls are too big now (woot!) and although I plan to try a smaller size I would like a backup pair of Favorite Jeans.

So help me out, what denim styles have done you well in terms of comfort, flattery, and non-muffin-toppery?


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17 years ago

I love Cruel Girl Jeans. They come in so many different styles, there is a fit for everyone. If you like low rise the Jenna’s are really cute. They are always coming out with new things to. I saw some of their jeans on a website called http://www.eliswesternwear.com they had a big selection. I order two pair and love them both!

Upscale Jeans
15 years ago

Haha, I believe that a little natural curiousity about belly dancing is healthy.