May 3, 2007

Questions for you:

Grindhouse or Spiderman 3?

In the sidebar: Blogher ads or no-cost ‘featured artist’ ads?

Crab cake entree or, like, all the appetizers?

Loop or cut pile carpet?

Diet Coke or Diet Coke Plus?

GTD or a general distrust of cultlike organizational methodologies?

Blake Lewis or Jordan Sparks?

Sigma SD14 or Nikon D80 (for when I win that there Lotto, mm-hmm)?

Try to pitch silly parenting poetry to publisher as funny gift book type thing, or focus on writing nonfiction humor essay memoir parenting book type, uh, thing?

Biking or running?

Hilarious or creepy?


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17 years ago

I vote with Maria: the fun nonfiction essays – but short ones, and a poem at the beginning of each one. If the essays are short enough, that means more essays, ergo: more poems.

Sorta pathetic (the bangable blog site), and as Leah says, what’s with #5?

Biking all the way. (Well, actually it’s “cycling” because, depending on the crowd you’re in, if you say “biking” some people may assume you mean on a Harley!)

17 years ago

1)Nothing else is playing?
2)What ever can bring in the most money for you.
3)Something from the bar.
4)Hardwood floors.
5)Rum and Coke with a vitamin while biking. Best of everything.
6)GTD, as you get older you will discover there are fewer brain cells left to remember thing. I am saving all of mine for internet porn.
8)Depends, are you going to take pictures of shiny red lips?
9)Poetry if you can get some good illustrations to go with it.
10)Biking. Your knees will thank you later in life. Running is for people without a sense of balance ;-)
11)That’s just cool. Are you disappointed with the #5 spot? If so are you trying to do better next month?

Have a good anniversary!

17 years ago


No preference

All the appetizers – why limit yourself to just one!

Eeew. Diet anything, bleh.

GTD ok. Just don’t go totally whack on it.


D80. I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine. And similar enough to your D70 you will feel right at home with it. Plus: You already have lenses for it!

Oh God, the poetry. Too much. PUBLISH!


Creepazoid. Totally.

17 years ago

damn. I forgot the carpet.

No loops. They are hell to clean

17 years ago

GRR my comment just disappeared apparently without posting. BTW, I say the last thing is awesome. And go to Grindhouse.

17 years ago

Grindhouse – Because what would we do without Tarantootie?

‘featured artist’ ads – they’re interesting….

all the appetizers, all the time!

cut pile carpet

Coke? – neither

GTD or a general distrust of cultlike organizational methodologies – DON’T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!

Jordin all the way. Cute in a jailbait kind of way…

Why not do both books, they both have their pros and cons…

Biking, definitely biking.

Funny but, eh, ewww. If I was JB I would be proud and pissed at the same time…

17 years ago

I don’t know about all the rest of those options, but I MUST tell you that loop carpet is insanely difficult to clean. As in, “maybe I’ll just leave that steaming pile of dog vomit there because I would rather live with it than have to dig it out of the damn carpet again” difficult. Go with the cut pile.

17 years ago

Spiderman 3
Blogher Ads
All Appetizers
Loop Carpet
Diet Coke
General Distrust of Cult-like Organizational Meathodologies
Nikon D80
Publish the “Silly Parenting Poetry”, but also work on other projects
Hillarious, but kind of creepy

17 years ago

I don’t have an opinion on all the things you noted, but —

If you are going to have sidebar stuff, why not maximize your gain? If the Blogher ads do that, then go for it! It hurts no one and might bring you closer to realizing your fancy camera dreams. :-)

Defintely Blake. Jordin can sing but she’s annoyingly full of herself and lacks originality.

As for books, cast as wide a net as possible and try for all genres, but I have to say that I think some of my favorite entries of yours are about JB — when you wrote about how you met; when he travels (that fanciful one about spinning the stars, or whatever, for him to see so far away); even that one that you took down, about your fight the weekend that Riley was sick. How about a relationship memoir? At the very least, I think you should submit a JB one to the NY Times for their Modern Love section.

Running, without a doubt. Did you know that you have to bike twice as far as you have to run to get the same benefit? So a 5-mile run = a 10 mile bike ride. Who has the time?

17 years ago

Memoir! Memoir! Write a memoir. You have the most interesting and multi-faceted life and you have something meaningful to say about even the most mundane/daily things. Even if I don’t agree with everything you write, you present your arguments clearly and respectfully and without apology. People would buy this book. I know it. Not sure if everyone in the world (you know, except for your faithful blog readers) would die for the poetry book as much as for the memoir of a smart, successful and oh-so-express-ful American mom.

17 years ago

Spiderman 3 – saw it last night. LOVED IT!

In the sidebar: Neither

Crab cakes are good all the time

cut pile carpet

Diet Cherry Coke

GTD – generally speaking

Who are Blake Lewis or Jordan Sparks?

Sigma SD14 or Nikon D80 – BOTH!

Try to pitch silly parenting poetry to publisher as funny gift book type thing, or focus on writing nonfiction humor essay memoir parenting book type, uh, thing? More answers of both! Spread the love. :)

Biking or running? Driving. Road trip.

Hilarious unless it’s you then it’s a little creepy.

Thank you for starting my day with a smile!

17 years ago



Diet Coke

book / memoir

17 years ago

“Try to pitch silly parenting poetry to publisher as funny gift book type thing, or focus on writing nonfiction humor essay memoir parenting book type, uh, thing?”


17 years ago

GRINDHOUSE! It was awesome. How could you pass up Rose McGowan with a machine gun leg?

17 years ago

You know what’s creepiest, and yet also funniest about the last point? Isn’t that your wedding photo he’s chopped your head off for the banner?

17 years ago

Grindhouse – haven’t seen it but anything is better than watching another insipid installment of Toby and Kirsten.

Artist ads – nice to see what people are making and what we can spend our dough on.

Appetizers… and I would go for the rack of lamb, as well. Yum.

Does berber carpet count as “loop” carpet? I am a huge fan of the berber.

No Diet Coke or Pepsi – can’t stand the diet cola for some reason. Diet A & W Root Beer is hands down the best diet soda I have ever had.

GTD sounds interesting – not too culty.

Blake – for some reason I am not crazy about Jordan.

Nikon all the way.

Hmmm – I would buy your non-fiction but I think you should write about other issues in your life (you’ve mentioned several) – there are a lot of mommy/parenting books out there, it seems. I doubt I would buy a poetry book of any kind – just not a big fan of the poems. I think you could do a great fiction as well.

Running, although both will give you kick ass quads.

Um, creepy! I realize that it is probably just for fun but still – weird.

Hope your anniversary weekend is fun and relaxing for you and JB. We don’t get to officially start our anniversary weekend until Sunday but hey – we’ll take the break! Have fun.

17 years ago

– Oh, you definitely need to see Grindhouse, and be sure to hit the washroom before the movie, because the trailers that they show in between the two features are priceless!
– Ads? Go for the ones that make you money. Although my hubby would miss your work blogs if you ever made enough to quit. :)
– Make dinner out of the appetizers! Then you get to try everything. The samosas sounded good to me!
– Cut pile all the way.
– I’m not sure what Diet Coke Plus is, might not have it yet here in Canada. Coke Zero is pretty awesome though, tastes like real Coke with no calories.
– Heh, the funny thing with that one is hubby got the book for xmas two years ago, isn’t getting things done yet because he hasn’t read the dang thing. I’m all for getting things done in whatever way works for you.
– Barf either way, but will the beauty queens be the first all girl team to win?
– I’m with the camera guy, Canon or Nikon. I’m a bit prejudiced towards a Canon, but that’s because my father-in-law was a camera collector, and has all kinds of lenses for Pentax, Nikon and Canon. Well, my sister-in-law got the pentax, and brother-in-law did the Nikon, so if we buy a digital Canon SLR we get a whack of lenses for it.
– Pitch both, you could always have a chapter of poetry inside a humourous memoir…
– I’d say running for fitness, cycling as family fun once Riley can ride (unless you’ve got the baby seat for the bike and he likes that).
– Hilarious. Hobbits are short, overcompensating much?

Have a great anniversary weekend!

17 years ago

G v. SM3 = tough call, I will again recommend Hot Fuzz, but given those choices, probably Grindhouse, SM3 will be in theaters for awhile. No preference on the sidebar issue. Get ALL the appetizers. Generally like loop carpet, but the cats won’t stop scratching it, so cut pile. I’m a Diet Pepsi person. General dislike of cultlike organizational stuff. Cannot choose bewteen Blake and Jordin – too hard. Don’t know enough about cameras. I think either the silly poems or the nonfiction memoir would be great by you. Running. And hilariously creepy.

17 years ago

The fact that you’re considering Grindhouse tells me that you should absolutely see Grindhouse. It’s one of those you’ll either appreciate it or you won’t kind of things, but I’m betting you will. I haven’t laughed so hard at the movies in a long time.

Lisa S.
17 years ago


In the sidebar: no-cost ‘featured artist’ ads

All the appetizers

Cut pile carpet

Diet Coke

A general distrust of cultlike organizational methodologies

No idea …

Nikon D80

Try to pitch silly parenting poetry to publisher as funny gift book type thing — I would absolutely buy this


Creepy — I feel like it’s sort of related to that whole ugly blogging-commenting scene where people think it’s okay to talk about sexually threatening/assaulting/critiquing women bloggers in a way they would NEVER think of doing for men.

17 years ago

OMG, Sundry–creepy. But also kind of hilarious, since it’s not me up there.

Also–all the appetizers. Holy god, squab and octopus!

Totally biking. It is so much more fun and you get sexy biker legs pretty damn quickly.

17 years ago

Did you notice Lena of Cheeky Lotus is on there too somewhere??
CREEPY. But I laughed…

17 years ago

1. Both
2. Whichever pays better (camera camera camera!)
4. ??? I have dustmite allergies so I avoid carpets
5. Diet coke
6. Definately general distrust
7. probably the Nikon
8. Pitch both.. because you never know
9. Biking, you will get kick ass leg and bum muscles and it won’t hurt your back and knees like running. Plus is way fun when you go downhill.
10. Funny… but WRONG!

17 years ago

ill answer those which i actually have an opinion on….

Grindhouse or Spiderman 3? spiderman 3

Crab cake entree or, like, all the appetizers? all the apps, duh!

Loop or cut pile carpet? loop because speaking from experience…cut pile carpets SHRED

Diet Coke or Diet Coke Plus? the plus wasnt as bad as i thought it would be….

Blake Lewis or Jordan Sparks? a couple weeks ago i would have said jordin sparks, however…blake’s version of ‘you give love a bad name’ TOTALLY blew my socks off. that and i cant help but vote for the guy who has more or less the same hairstyle as me. HA.

Biking or running? biking [and spinning!] you get where youre going faster and biking is less pounding on your joints.

Hilarious or creepy? how about a little bit of both….

17 years ago

-no opinion on grindhouse v spiderman
-blogher ads
– 3 appetizers: samosas, potstickers, octopus AND crabcakes
-cut pile
-diet coke
-a general distrust of cultlike organizational methodologies
-focus on writing nonfiction humor essay memoir parenting book type
-not sure
-both biking and running, alternately (biking is healthier on the joints than running, but all running requires is you, some good shoes & the proper jog bra)
-hilarious & sorta flattering in a creepy way. : )

17 years ago

Re: the lens issue. Don’t Sigma lenses work with Nikon cameras? I have a Sigma zoom, and it’s interoperable with my D70. Just saying, lenses aren’t the lone reason.

Though I have to say, if you have a D70, I don’t know that you need a D80 unless you are SUPER DUPER FANCY. We have both at work, and I prefer the D70, as I am not fancy.

17 years ago


no-cost featured artist ads

all the appetizers



general distrust of cultlike organizational methodologies

Don’t make me choose between Jordin and Blake. . .ok, Blake.

I am a luddite when it comes to cameras

Use the silly poetry idea as a door opener and first book. Then, once you have your publisher falling all over you in appreciation, write the nonfiction memoir as a follow-up. The market for that type of book is a bit more crowded. Yours would be the best, but the poetry would be an easier sell as a newcomer to the world of book publishing.


creepy. Not that you aren’t hot, like if I was into girls, and I’m sure this was meant well, but in general, objectification of women in this regard is a slippery slope and doesn’t end well. (It’s like a wolf whistle, which is not limited in time or space.) Consider the following excerpt from a 3/7/07 Washington Post article (sorry, linking luddite here):

“Another Yale law student learned a month ago that her photographs were posted in an AutoAdmit chat that included her name and graphic discussion about her breasts. She was also featured in a separate contest site — with links posted on AutoAdmit chats — to select the ‘hottest’ female law student at ‘Top 14’ law schools, which nearly crashed because of heavy traffic. Eventually her photos and comments about her and other contestants were posted on more than a dozen chat threads, many of which were accessible through Google searches.

‘I felt completely objectified,’ that woman said. It was, she said, ‘as if they’re stealing part of my character from me.’ The woman, a Fulbright scholar who graduated summa cum laude, said she now fears going to the gym because people on the site encouraged classmates to take cellphone pictures of her.

17 years ago

Oh, and by the way, I do that GTD thing but I’d never heard of it. I just list everything constantly, because I love lists, and I find it easier to stay organised.

17 years ago

I’d like to point out that with a small child and your married status, you’re not exactly bangable, but more ‘bang-worthy’.

He’s a college student, he ought to have caught that ambiguity.

17 years ago

I think I’d go for the Nikon as it’s tried and true.

As for the bangable blogs guy…if it was satire it might be hilarious. Since I can’t be sure I’ll go with CREEPY.

17 years ago

oh yeah, and Spiderman.

all the appetizers and then some.

17 years ago

1) Spiderman!

2) Blogher ads. But if you can throw in an occasional artist ad too, do it!

3) ALL the appetizers. YUM.

4) Cut pile, definitely.

5) Diet Coke. How “Plus” can it be, really? It’s diet soda. WTF?

6) GTD, hands down. It’s not inherently culty; I don’t know why people are so nuts over it. It’s really just a very simple and helpful way to get a grip on your workload. No Kool-Aid required!

7) Blake.

8) Nikon D80. Now go buy that lottery ticket!

9) BOTH! Although I would guess that the silly poetry gift book would be a lot easier to sell after the nonfiction book had done well (which, of course, it will, because your writing is AWESOME). It seems like it would be harder to do the other way around.

10) Biking. No question. Running suuuuucks.

11) That last one’s a tie!

17 years ago

You’re #1 in my opinion.

17 years ago

Okay, I don’t know about everything (in fact I’m damn confused about the carpeting question) but I’d go with Grindhouse – come on, Spiderman is getting old – and biking. Biking is way better than running. Oh, and do the nonfiction/humor parenting book. I just started reading this blog two months ago, and I love it so much I went back and read the archives from start to finish. You kill me. I love your sense of humor, and I think the parenting book would be a huge success.

Thanks for blogging, and please keep it up. I’ll totally buy your book, by the way, and I don’t even have kids yet.

coffee stained
17 years ago

Ads: Whatever works for you
All the Appetizers
Cut pile
No no diet coke.
Totally GTD. I do this anyways although I had never heard of this guy until you posted the link.
Nikon D80, and can I have one too if you win the lotto?
Both please. I love your poetry, but you are a super talented writer who could do either!
So, so creepy with stalker potential, yet kinda funny if you’re sure he doesn’t have a way of tracking you down IRL.

17 years ago

I heard you had to give that guy a blow job to get on his list.

17 years ago

tell me you had tom’s world famous creme caramel

tell me, dammit!

16 years ago


Very interesting information! Thanks!