May 3, 2007

Questions for you:

Grindhouse or Spiderman 3?

In the sidebar: Blogher ads or no-cost ‘featured artist’ ads?

Crab cake entree or, like, all the appetizers?

Loop or cut pile carpet?

Diet Coke or Diet Coke Plus?

GTD or a general distrust of cultlike organizational methodologies?

Blake Lewis or Jordan Sparks?

Sigma SD14 or Nikon D80 (for when I win that there Lotto, mm-hmm)?

Try to pitch silly parenting poetry to publisher as funny gift book type thing, or focus on writing nonfiction humor essay memoir parenting book type, uh, thing?

Biking or running?

Hilarious or creepy?


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17 years ago

Laughing my a*& off!!!!!

What did JB say?

17 years ago


17 years ago

Halrious… if he weren’t a college student.

17 years ago

hilarious!!! mega-corny, too ;-)

oh, and i vote for *both* book pitches!

17 years ago

Hot Fuzz (so awesome, I’m telling ya!); need examples to decide; all appetizers; cut pile; Diet Coke; GTD; watch The Amazing Race instead; Nikon D80; memoir; biking; hilarious and creepy.

That was easy!

Mary O
Mary O
17 years ago

Go for it… get an appetizer AND the crab cake entree. Delish!

I’m all for Blake Lewis myself.

Oooh… one of the most “bangable blog chicks”? I think it’s hilarious and creepy and maybe a little flattering???

17 years ago

Featured artist
They all look amazing – scoff the lot
Cut pile carpet
All diet coke has enough chemicals to eat you from the inside out.
GTD looks less kitchy than
Men = bad
Combine the two
I just don’t know what to say…… hilariously creepy?!?!?

17 years ago

Grindhouse, cause Superman will be around longer in theaters.

Like the featured artist ads, but why not make some money with Blogher ads?

Everything on the menu at Dahlia.

Kinda like loop.

OG Diet

general distrust of organized people in general

Blake Lewis only cause he is from Bothell and that counts as local.

And Canon D30 is my vote. Heart my D20.

Both writing options

biking is more fun once you get your bum used to it.

And Creepy since it is the only thing his blog is about. But also hilarious!

17 years ago

– Grindhouse, as it will make you grow more asses in non ass areas, which it will then kick
– No opinion
– Appetizers
– Cut pile
– Neither, Coke Zero
– General distrust
– Could care less
– Please don’t allow my wife to see either of those cameras. As far as I am concerned they do not exist, so I cannot render an opinion.
– Do both, as they are not mutually exclusive: pitch the poetry gift book while working on the other one — if the pitch succeeds, do it!
– Biking (speeeeeed!!!)
– Neither, awesome.

17 years ago

Spiderman 3 – pass – appetizers – neither, with a dog. pergo or wood if you have the $ – gah! specific distrust – pass – nikon D80 (maybe used…?) – whatever the NOT POETRY answer is – running – hilarious

17 years ago


both — the robert rodriguez part of grindhouse is supposed to be awesome. come on, you, it’s got zombies! but spiderman is cool too.

ooh, crab cakes…but the mussels are ALWAYS a safe bet. make sure you get some bread to sop up the broth.

no idea about the carpet. im a young single dude.

i say diet coke, no plus. eff that crap.


that nikon is lookin’ pretty sweet.

pitch the poetry — i have a bunch of poetry too that i’ve put up on my website. miss sundry, if you have any luck with the publisher, please let me know…i was thinking about trying to get mine published somehow. the latter project, i think, already seems to be building itself.

biking is fun, but running feels…so much more hardcore.

creepy. with a twinge of funny, but in that creepy way.

17 years ago

grindhouse, fo sure. nikon d80, fo sure. you should order everything on that menu, i’m pretty sure.

17 years ago

Creepy. No, hilarious. No, creepy! No, wait!

And I would buy 1358901724 copies of a book of silly parenting poetry to give to my friends. Not kidding, those entries are the best on your blog.

17 years ago

wait. now that i saw the website…it’s not creepy. it’s hilarious. i’m retarded…i just assumed it was one of those people who blog about that kind of thing seriously.

17 years ago

I was in Seattle for a conference in March and wandered into Dahlia’s for dinner one night. It doesn’t matter what you eat there–the food was amazing!

The waitress brought over an appetizer from the chef–a pea pod with scallions and truffle oil. I swear if you could possibly serve up spring on a plate that was exactly what it tasted like!

Now I am drooling so much I can’t answer any of the other questions.

17 years ago


Linda, that’s the best thing I’ve heard all day. Also, very true.

I am alllllll for the parenting poetry. Dude, the possibilities are endless, and I cannot believe for one second that a publisher wouldn’t pick that thing up in 2.5 seconds. Also, likely less work, and gets your foot in the door ASAP, then you can pitch parenting memoir and more later on.

And Jesus CHRIST, Blake Lewis. He listens to the Cure! Keane! 311! NO MORE POWER SINGERS PLEASE.

Jordin Sparks annoys me (wait, is that who you meant? I just read it again and don’t know who you meant, as I am dumb), if only for her a) name, which sounds fake; and b) She was glaring and enjoying the music last night post-eviction or…whatever, sans tears UNTIL she saw the camera look at her and she FAKED IT. SHE FAKED IT. Heartless little teenager.

17 years ago

Um, creepy. But also a little bit hil– no, the “hobbit in my pants” comment pushed it back over to completely creepy.

17 years ago

– Spidy
– Featured artists
– Dunno, I’m vegetarian
– Clueless.
– Don’t drink coke or pepsi
– Put off for today what you can do tomorrow
– Blake Lewis
– Nikon D80
– poetry
– Niether
– Hilarious, absolutely!

17 years ago

Blake Lewis any day. Jordin Sparks? Really? Seriously? She’s so…always trying to be cute and comes off as being really annoying. Blake? He’s hott just standing there.

17 years ago

I don’t know if I would be advertising a ‘Hobbit’ in my pants. I’m more of the ‘Cave Troll’ type myself. ;-)

17 years ago

I found Grindhouse hella-fun to watch in the theater. And I usually hate watching movies at the theater.

I have no opinion on the rest except the last – Hilarious! In a creepy sort of way.

17 years ago

– Spiderman 3
– BlogHer
– Appetizers (?)
– Dunno
– Plus is always better.
– General distrust. Of EVERYTHING.
– Who? (Does this make me old?)
– Nikon D80, unquestionably. The Sigma has a nice sensor, but it does NOT have Nikon lenses. Follow the lenses…
– Nonfiction humor essay memoir parenting book. The poetry is a firecracker, but your humorous non-fiction is The Bomb.
– If you have an unlimited supply of time and money: biking. If you don’t: running.
– Hilarious AND creepy

17 years ago

– Grindhouse
– Either one; I’d never consider you a sellout, so don’t you worry about that. Although it would be pretty kickass to help the starving artist types. Use thy power for good and all.
– All the apps, baby.
– Uh. There’s a difference? Cut pile, maybe?
– Regular old Diet Coke. I just saw the DC Plus for the first time this past weekend, and I about laid down on the grocery store floor and died laughing. Come on now. Vitamins? In diet soda?
– The GTD thing makes me want to hide under the bed. I am too OCD already; I can only imagine what the introduction of numbered folders would to do my neurotransmitters.
– BLAAAAAKE. Aww yeah.
– Too jealous to respond.
– Both. Start with whatever comes most naturally, and use that to put together a proposal and get your foot in the door. You can get a two-book deal right out of the gate!
– Running. Or both, really. Whatever you like better.
– BEST THING EVER. And, as Jonna said, well deserved.

17 years ago

Spiderman 3. Can’t deal with the uber-violent movies like that. We actually walked out of Sin City, which I had NEVER done before.

I like the featured artist ads, but I’m sure they’re more work for you. I wouldn’t object to the Blogher ads.

All the appetizers followed by the crab cake entree! Dude, seriously. The man published a cookbook specifically for crabcakes, but I’ve never had a bad bite of anything at his restaurants.

Me no understand carpet talk. Me wood-floor kind of girl.

Diet Coke. The “Plus” creeps me out.

Meh. General distrust, although it seems to me that something might be a perfectly good system until it gets assigned a name, then it assumes cult-like qualities.

Blake Lewis.

Nikon D80. I have the D70, and I kiss it goodnight.

Both! Both! I would read any of it. More importantly: I WOULD PAY MONEY FOR ANY OF IT.

Biking. Running hurts my chest, frankly.

Both, definitely both. Flattering, but, uh, weird. How’d JB take it?

17 years ago

BlogHer ads will make you mo’ money. And you deserve it.

Don’t the loops get caught in pet fingernails? I think so…

Diet Coke. Why mess with a good thing?

Nonfiction humor essay memoir parenting book type, uh, thing. Except, actually, I think both.

Running is cheaper, but I kind of like biking because at least I’m still sitting down.

At first I thought the bangable thing was funny, but then after about 30 seconds it seemed pretty ick. Plus, what’s up with you being #5?!

17 years ago

no-cost ‘featured artist’ ads
all the appetizers
cut pile carpet
Dr. Pepper
First Iv’e heard of GTD…sounds interesting
Nikon D80
Hilarious and what the hell! Do you know that dude?

Anne L.
Anne L.
17 years ago

Oh, MAN! That restaurant menu looks so damn good right now. I would be in a total panic from not being able to choose if I want there. And the blogbabe link? Um, creepily hilarious?

17 years ago

Poetry is a really hard sell, no matter how funny it is. If you were able to sell a nonfiction book, you might have more luck selling poetry later. Then again, what do I know, you could always try both.
Have you ever read Miss Snark’s website? It’s very snarky and can be mean, but has some good tips.

17 years ago

Your poetry = very funny!

I don’t know too many people who know what a gastropod is. Do you like fossils?

17 years ago

If you win the lotto and wanna buy a new camera, always buy a Nikon or Canon. Personally, I shoot Nikon (D70), but Canon makes a great product too. Any other brand is a poor substitution. I’m a photographer and one of my many jobs is “camera pusher” (I work at a camera store) and after looking at so many different cameras for so long and using some of them myself, those two win every time.

17 years ago

1. Grindhouse. Toby Maguire…dude. How does he have a career?
2. BlogHer ads
3. Make JB get the crab cakes, then you order all of the appetizers.
4. Gotta go loop, although I’m not sure the Roomba can handle the loop.
5. Diet Coke
6. Don’t drink the Koolaid.
7. Jordin. Me no likey the beat boxity.
8. Um, just give me your old camera. Go Sigma. Then tell us about it. In detail.
9. Although I heart every single thing you type, overall, I hate poetry. I’d still buy any book you write, but I’d prefer to spend money on the essays.
10. Biking. Preferably one of those big ass front wheels, super tiny back wheels versions.
11. Can I vote hilarious yet pathetic?

17 years ago

All the appetizers, cut pile, and humor essay.

17 years ago

On the last question–he is kind of cute, in that knit-hat wearing, way-to-young 20-something way.

17 years ago

Doesn’t matter what you order, as long as you get the doughnuts for dessert. They could be the best thing I have ever eaten in my life. I love that restaurant!

17 years ago

diet coke
gtd (just use it, don’t talk about it)
no opinion

17 years ago

featured artist – goes better with the product review theme

definitely go for multiple appetizers/small bites rather than main course. More variety.

nikon, then you can use your existing lens, right?

nonfiction humor essay memoir, but put a poem at the beginning of each chapter.

17 years ago

I forgot the most important one….

HILARIOUS. totally hilarious.

it is the internet after all.

jessica fantastica
jessica fantastica
17 years ago

I can only help on the first one: GRINDHOUSE, all the way baby!

17 years ago

blake = my boyfriend.
i’ll fight you for him.

17 years ago

Spider-man because Grindhouse makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Regular Coke (sorry).


Definitely creepy.

17 years ago

Oh, also, HOT FUZZ if you haven’t seen it. Please do. I have not laughed so hard in a long long time.

17 years ago


Not creepy, not hilarious, but sad. However, Good for you! You made some asshole’s bangable list! Does he make yours? (I think it’s a fair response-like “Thanks for the mention dude, but you have no chance.”)

17 years ago

I’d say Spiderman 3, but I’ve heard Grindhouse is melt-your-face awesome.

Uh, featured artists?

Mmm, crab cakes

Cut pile – it’s super comfy and doesn’t cause throwbacks to shag

I honestly didn’t believe there was such a thing as Diet Coke Plus. I don’t trust it.

Don’t trust the man!



Humor essays are so much better to read than poetry – besides, if I had a book that read like this blog, I think I’d die laughing.

Hmmm…biking might be easier on the knees, but running’s probably better

Hilariously creepy

17 years ago

Melinda Doolittle

17 years ago

i like the featured artist but maybe alternate them?
all the apps sound great…especially the sound of ALL
i never bought a carpet…so no help
no soda… no help
folders – yay (but numbered?! not enough OCD for that one)
wow – i had to google those names…so no help
not crazy about those little poetry books, they are nice…but that’s it…nice
try biking – it’s better for your joints and it’s good for people with short attention span – things are moving around faster
last one: haha – awesome, creepy and flattering at the same time! what a mixture

17 years ago

1. grindhouse
2. BlogHer Ads (hmm. wonder why?)
3. crab cake entree. does it come with delicious dipping sauce? I am very into delicious dipping sauce.
4. loop. also: how the hell do you keep carpet clean with a dripping, oozing, spewing toddler around? I am all about the hardwood.
5. I am not a fan of diet drinks, sorry, no opinion.
6. general distrust, there is a reason paranoia is so popular.
7. who?
8. what?
9. memoir. definitely.
10. running.
11. hilarious and creepy and is it wrong that I think that guy is kind of hot in a dirty, dirty way?

17 years ago

1)Grindhouse, because the whole machine gun leg looks hilarious, and the girls are way sexier.
2)Featured artists.
3)Appetizers! I want the samosas.
4)Yuck. Carpet. I have no idea, I hate carpet.
5)I’m woefully inept today – again no idea. What the hell’s diet Coke plus?
6)No cults!!
7)Inept again, no cable.
8)I like Canon.
9)I love the silly parenting poetry, myself. Maybe as part of a book of essays?
11)Hilarious, also flattering, and a lot creepy. Go you! The crazy internets wants you.

17 years ago

Grindhouse (be sure to use the restroom before the movie)

I don’t really pay attention to ads, so no opinion.

Crab cake entree is pretty good, but Dahlia Lounge is actually not as good as his Palace Kitchen (I just had dinner there, yum!) which is only a block away, serves amazing wood grilled fish, and will bring over whatever desert from Dahlia Lounge if you ask nicely.

Don’t know anything about carpet.


general distrust of cultlike organizational methodologies – I own GTD, one of these days I’ll get around to reading past page 2.

Who they?

Nikon D80?


Biking – I hate how running makes me feel.

Get a restraining order!