July 25, 2007

I have a couple questions for those of you who are good at envisioning things, a talent that sadly passed me by along with the ability to fold a shirt without making it look like a crumpled snotrag (see also: multiplying fractions, correctly identifying the location of any of our nation’s states, and remembering which things are and are not okay to microwave).

First: here are some colors we’re considering for the new living area. I’m planning on using the extremely dark brown (Benjamin Moore’s “Marsh Brown”) for one wall, with the rest the neutral color down in the bottom left (“Powell Buff”—the other color on the top right looks too pinkish to me). Is this going to achieve my goal of a dramatic background to the room (wall and window trim will be white), or is it going to look like eighty-five monkeys came in and threw their wet feces at the wall?


And speaking of wet feces, I’m sick to death of my hair and I have a haircut scheduled for tomorrow. Here’s a semi-crappy photo of what it currently looks like (taken with new iPhone camera, SQUEE!)—without going too drastically short, have you got any suggestions for what I can do with this boring mop? For all the nonstop craziness being dished out by Britney Spears in the last several months, I’m starting to think she was on to something with that head-shaving business.


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16 years ago

I like the dark color, but think a taupe (as opposed to the buff) would accent it better….and it would also make the white trim pop more. Just my $.02, sure it’s going to look great!

16 years ago

I used that exact color combination in my lining room (it’s not a typo – living + dining = “lining” – I live in a studio). It looks awesome. I actually used Behr paint – “Calm Air” is the more french vanilla color and “Traditional Leather” is the rich, dark brown. I have 11-foot ceilings with molding approximately 1 foot from the top. The above part is brown and the remainder is the lighter color. It’s a perfect combo. I’m not sure about an entire brown wall … maybe you could put a big piece of wall art on it, to say, “Hey, we’re fancy. Check out our WALL.”

16 years ago

I can’t help with paint colours, but I can help you learn how to fold a shirt (totally mind boggling!):


16 years ago

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