September 18, 2007


I have never played Dungeons & Dragons, but this page is possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen. “Let’s play a game. You’re looking at the unholy union of a shark and a squid. Can you guess what they called it? If you said “Squark” you are correct. Sigh.” Haaaaaa! Ah, good times.


Contractors have started painting the kitchen and addition, and while the last thing I want to do is complain about forward movement on this whole endless, months-behind-schedule remodel, I was a little unhappy when we got home after work yesterday and they were still at it, with nothing between us and the chokingly thick fumes other than a flimsy plastic dropcloth attached from ceiling to floor (which featured—I really shouldn’t tell you this but I can’t help myself—a disturbingly vaginal-shaped opening about at chest level, which gently opened and closed its . . . uh, labia . . . with the drafts, like some creepy scene from Videodrome).

Hanging out in a house positively reeking of fresh paint (it had dissipated somewhat by late evening, but not so much that you couldn’t still taste the fumes coating your tonsils) with a 2 year old, while pregnant, seems kind of, oh, I don’t know, like maybe I want my kids to have low test scores. And maybe in our unborn child’s case, an extra limb or two. Growing out of its head.

I can’t do much but open windows and hope the walls are finished soon and we can move on to a less toxic stage, but all the open doors (contractors have the worst habit of leaving the front door wide open all day long, what the hell is that? I mean, other than convenient access to the front yard where they stand and smoke, letting Eau de Camel Filters Hard Pack come wafting inside) and windows are paving way for some extremely unwelcome visitors, namely the Tegenaria duellica; formerly known as T. gigantea. I’m talking about these big bastards (warning! Unpleasant image at the other end of that link! Proceed with caution, fellow arachnophobes!), and their ongoing presence both outside (but frighteningly close to) and inside our house is FREAKING ME RIGHT THE HELL OUT.

One came skittering directly towards the couch I was sitting on the other night, and I don’t think I’ve ever come so close to peeing my own pants from sheer terror. It was sixty or seventy feet tall and its fangs glistened in the moonlight, at least that’s how I remember it. I couldn’t even cowboy up to get rid of it myself, I had to race outside (I accomplished this by levitating straight off the sofa and flying through the air, because you better believe my feet were not going to touch the ground anywhere near that thing) and squeak frantically at JB to come inside and jesus, BRING THE SKILSAW.

I should clarify for posterity that JB feels my comment on the (unpleasant) spider photo that claimed that he took the picture by “quickly lunging the camera at the beast and snapping wildly” is incorrect. “You and I are remembering that differently,” he told me, and I suppose it’s possible that we are. For instance, I remember a man nervously poking at a spider with a metal rake, then positioning the camera as far from his own body as he could in order to snap the photo, allowing for about .003 seconds to do so. I may have forgotten the part where he manfully strode up, unleashed a mighty battle cry, then used his enormous penis to trigger the shutter. If so, mea culpa.


Man, I am suddenly DYING to know if Riley’s going to have a brother or sister. I’ve felt fairly zen about this until this week, and now I just feel like my brain is tuned to some obsessive binary channel of BOY? GIRL? BOY? GIRL? all the time. Until my ultrasound, which is next week thank GOD, got any interesting gender-predicting wives’ tails for me to try out?


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16 years ago

You have the weirdest things with your contractors. First the lube and now labial dropcloths? The worst we got was a surreal version of “Love Hurts” in Spanish emanating from the kids’ rooms one day.

My hospital has a policy of not doing gender ID at the ultrasound. I don’t know if that means they never do it, or just that they don’t go out of their way. We were surprised last time, and it was great. After all that work, there was still another big moment when everyone on my end of the bed sat up straighter and waited…. It was pretty awesome. I’m hoping the tech refuses to say again, which will thwart my husband’s plans of precognizance. Is that a word?

And, uh, yeah – our largest spider is about the size of a quarter with legs, and he always stays outside. I don’t even like the small spiders. If it’s big enough to crunch upon squishing, it’s too big for me to manage.

16 years ago

I’m guessing boy, but for no good reason. That calendar thing WAY up towards the top didn’t work for us. When we first found out we were pregnant, I thought boy, then started thinking girl, then KNEW it was a girl (we didn’t find out until she was born). Ooh, this is so exciting!!

16 years ago

yeah, youo didnt give near enough of a damn warning on that photo. pretty sure i will never EVER EVER sleep again! thanks for that.

16 years ago

Am I the only person who enjoys the smell of paint? I find it comforting, like sawdust, or fresh drywall. Maybe it’s a guy thing. I like the smell of WD40 and chainsaw motor exhaust as well. But I really hate the smell of screws, and metal/metal shavings in general. Who knows.

16 years ago

i’ve only seen one other spider in person that was bigger than that. i didn’t even know spiders got that big in minnesota, but there it was, taunting me by hanging on my window screen at my cabin. i almost died on the spot. your spider is equally frightening. i would completely have a meltdown if i saw one.

16 years ago

Ooooh, I don’t know of any whacky methods to determine sex, but I hope you have a girl…because I cannot imagine a baby boy more adorable or suspicious than Riley. Can’t wait to find out!


[…] Incidentally, and this is in no way related, but that has never, ever stopped me before — did I mention that my brain is mush, like green mushy peas without the butter? — we continue to be plagued by little gray jumping spiders, and in researching them (THEY JUMP), I’ve pretty much freaked myself right the hell out of Dodge. I mean, they aren’t Sundry’s giant house spiders, but did I mention they jump? THEY JUMP. I killed one this morning by spitting toothpaste on it, and for one fleeting second, terrified myself into thinking that maybe it was about to jump into my mouth on the toothpaste string (I just grossed myself out even more) and JESUS, I’m never brushing my teeth again. (Because I am dead, I have KILLED myself with grossness.) […]

16 years ago

My mom went by hearbeat — fast is a girl, slow is a boy. Of course, they predicted boy (Yeah, “Michael” my name is not, thankfully) and… uh, yeah.
Then again, the inaccuracy might have been due to her seeing one of those big-ass mofo spiders right before listening to said heart, so…

16 years ago

That spider is big indeed but have you ever, say woken up in the middle of the night, seen a small brown furry friend on your wall, gone to the kitchen for a glass so you can “catch and release” rather than squash the damn thing, because you’re the “spiders-are-our-friends-type” then while you attempt to capture the poor, innocent creature, it… *quiver*…
Fuh..fuhh..fucking JUMPS at your face!?

ME: “IT’S IN MY HAIR! IT’S IN MY HAIR…GET IT OUT- GET IT OUT -GET IT OUT- GET IT OUUUT!!!!!!!!!!” (At this point I have stripped off my jammies and am dancing around & shaking out my hair like a maniac)

16 years ago

All I know, is that everyone was convinced that my first child was a boy including me. Needle went in a straight line, wedding ring went in a straight line across my navel, babies heart rate was slow, I just felt like the baby was a boy. Then one night when I was aout 32 weeks, my beloved sits bolt upright in bed, pats me on the belly, says “It’s a girl”, lies back down and goes to sleep. (Well that’s not technically correct because he doesn’t remember doing it so I can only assume that he was already asleep). So I lie there half the night going “WTF?” and the very next day the needle and the wedding ring went in circles, the heart rate was up and I felt different. Sure enough, 8 weeks later – GIRL!!!
So feel free to sleep with my husband because he’s a damn fine predictor of gender.


[…] “Toxins, eight-legged freaks, the burning question” by All & Sundry.   Another great post from Linda!  This time, the thing that cracked me up to no end was link to the AD&D monster discussion and another infamous spider story.  She tops it off by mentioning her growing desire to know if she’s having a boy or a girl.  You and me both, lady! […]

16 years ago

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