So hey, in case anyone was wondering what sort of long-term effect children have on a marriage, let me illustrate one particular aspect via photo confessional:


The blue object on the right? Can you guess what it used to be, before its current—and no doubt permanent, because I really don’t think there is any going back at this point—incarnation as toddler “slide”?

If you guessed “Liberator Sex Shape“, you win.

Also: what do you think the odds are that when I whine at my doctor tomorrow about how I have had a shit fucking cold for almost THREE WEEKS NOW and I can’t take the coughing/congestion/eyes-gooped-shut for ONE MORE DAY that she’ll prescribe anything stronger than “drink plenty of liquids”? If there’s a secret medical password for accessing the Make It All Better For the Love of God drugs, please let me know.


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16 years ago

I have to ask (with apologies to your mom) – should I buy one of these. Because I’m intrigued, but also vaguely horrified by the price. Obviously a simple yes or no answer will be more than sufficient. Ahem. :)

Get yourself a box of those shower soothers thingies, except put it in a sink of hot hot HOT water instead of the shower. Stick your head over it and cover with a towel to keep the steam in. Works pretty well, if temporarily. You seem to get a more concentrated dose of the steam this way. Hope you feel better!

16 years ago

Seriously now…I haven’t been to the website yet..but along with everyone, what prompted buying it? Was it worth buying? At what point does it become a slide for a child? Haha.

16 years ago

I’m impressed that you posted this with the possibility that your mom could read it! I just started blogging a couple months ago with my full name all over the blog and immediatlely shared it with my parents, grandparents, and everyone else I know. But lately I’ve been thinking — WHY! DIDN’T! I! BLOG! ANONYMOUSLY! So many things I’d like to blog about, but feel too shy to do so. Impressed that you do it anyway! :-)

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