What part of a toy shark’s anatomy is this supposed to be, exactly?

What the hell is Maisy doing to this sheep?

Why do babies like to sleep with their hands in the air like they just don’t care?

What made Riley decide I was worthy of receiving THIS expression?

And lastly,

Why can I keep two children alive but not a fucking houseplant?


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16 years ago

I love the arm thing. And could the sharks … nad-like things … be remoras? Yes, that’s it. REMORAS.

16 years ago

I’m pretty sure science can now prove that babies generally “just don’t care” and that leading a lifestyle that pretty much involves nothing but eating and sleeping and pooping, and boobs, well that would make just about nayone throw their hands up. Hollah.

16 years ago

The shark is anatomically correct.
Maisy is a perv
Dylan is surrendering
Riley just figured out what was on the shark’s belly.

See? Easy peasy. ;) LOL

16 years ago

Oh and the plant died due to all of the above.

While I am up and here, I didn’t get to say anything yesterday but the newborn stage? Totally overrated. I was so glad when they quit being little sacks of taters, even though there is sweetness to the new of them, face it, they are boring. ;)
I am a weirdo that really loves the age of 2. So much going on in that one year, you really see them come into their own, for better and for worse.

16 years ago

Kids (and pets) tell you when they need to be fed and watered. Plants just suffer in silence. (I can’t do plants, either. I blame the cats, but, really, I couldn’t keep plants alive in my pre-feline-owning days.)

16 years ago

Claspers? How in the hell do you all know the term “claspers?” I must be sadly lacking in shark knowledge…

Love the baby and Riley photos, though, both are so adorable!

16 years ago

I loooove that they’re called claspers! Man, you learn something awesome every day.

Dylan sleeps like one of my cats did, all stretched out, and (I’m revealing my dorkdom here) Riley totally looks like a little baby Draco Malfoy in that shot. The sneer is *perfect*.

I can’t keep houseplants OR outdoor plants alive. The basil I tried to grow last year turned quickly into two black sticks, and I think the lavender is just heartier than I expected because *I* certainly didn’t have anything to do with it continuing to live.

16 years ago

Poor sheep. :(

16 years ago

oh geez. i’m not sure how happy the sheep is, and i absolutely love how babies sleep, but i gotta say: you had to have forgotten that damn houseplant for a looonnnnnnggggg time, because those suckers are extremely hard to kill!!! :) Poor thing!

16 years ago

Jennifer: re the claspers, hubby and I work 5 min from the Georgia Aquarium and have season passes. The veterinarians are always in the building in the early morning, and if you ask nicely, they’ll tell you anything!! :D

16 years ago

I’m really late, but babies sleep like that when they are totally relaxed. Who knew about sharks… The plant? Cut the dead stuff off, cut it back, water it once a week, get it where it gets some light, and it should be fine.

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