I actually didn’t even consider the fact that it might be Extremely Controversial to disclose that I resorted to drugging my infant (albeit with half a nippleful of a children’s antihistamine instead of, say, a well-aimed dart containing a large dose of Phenobarbital, which I for one am just glad I did not have on hand at 4 AM because it would have been TEMPTING, VERY TEMPTING) until a few of you left comments that told me I was brave for admitting it, which . . . gosh, no, you are sweet, and are you doing something different with your ass because it looks fantastic, but it totally didn’t occur to me that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to talk about slipping unneeded medication into a howling baby in order to get some sleep.

Uh, it does seem kind of obvious in retrospect.

Anyway, thanks for not poking me with a CPS-stick, even if you were privately horrified at my Torrid Confessional. I hesitate to even mention a follow-up, because every time I write down what Dylan is doing sleepwise he seems to merrily switch things up because god knows we wouldn’t want a little consistency around here, ha ha ha AIIEE, but after an initial mighty protest of bedtime last night he slept just fine.

Yeahhh. I don’t know.

In other news I am waiting for an appliance repairperson to show up today because our dishwasher seems to be clogged, a situation for which I have been squarely blamed. I’ll take the hit on this one, I do occasionally put things in there without rinsing every speck of food from their surfaces, but I would also like to point out that a SUREFIRE way to avoid such reprehensible behavior on my part would be for the other adult member of the household — whose dishwasher-loading skills are apparently faultless in every way — to pitch in, let’s say 50% of the time. Why, that’s HALF as many chances for me to clog anything! Everyone wins!

I’d also like to mention that only I seem capable of understanding that cramming the washing machine to the brim before turning it on and walking away 1) does not constitute the full chore of “doing laundry”, and 2) means that everything just turns around in the dryer in a giant ball and comes out in a wrinkled clump; that while the dishwasher has been out of commission the task of hand-washing dishes fell entirely on my shoulders; and that JB views the notion of actually touching the vacuum handle exactly the same as holding a woman’s purse, which is to say he fears the briefest of contact will shrink his testicles. In comparison, a few stray mushrooms left in the dishwasher? SAINTLY HOUSEHOLD BEHAVIOR.


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15 years ago

I’m with Sunny: Dyson Animal = HEARTS.

Re: Benadryl. I have BEEN THERE. And sometimes when you’ve gotten down to Kill or Be Killed, well….

15 years ago

Whoops, that was me.