Traffic was a pure misery during our drive on Wednesday, it turns out that there’s generally quite a few people trying to leave town the day before Thanksgiving. By the time we crawled through Portland we were stuck in a combination of rush hour and holiday gridlock and we finally abandoned all hope and ate dinner at a McDonald’s, and not even one of those well-groomed McDonald’s with a play area, just a filthy little highway stop with a bathroom containing what was maybe the most horrific collection of non-flushed toilet contents I’ve ever had the misfortune of being exposed to. Depressing.

Thanksgiving was nice, though. Riley was completely uninterested in eating a single thing or even sitting at the table (sigh), but the rest of us stuffed ourselves silly and had a great time.


We had another two hours to drive from Eugene to Coos Bay last night after dinner and while I’m happy enough to be here now I am even happier we don’t have any long trips planned for Christmas. I felt sorry for the kids, being stuck in the car for so long, and I felt even worse after I lost my patience with Riley during the last twenty minutes of the drive and threatened to smack him if he didn’t stop the goddamned whining.

The weather is cold but clear here on the Oregon coast and JB and I are going to try and go out to dinner tonight while the kids stay home with the grandparents. Riley went on a Jeep ride to the beach with his grandpa earlier, which got him good and geeked, and Dylan’s very busy scooching around the house looking for things to cram in his mouth. It’s all very laid back and mellow and pleasant.

Tomorrow I might get up at the crack of dawn and go hunting with the Menfolk. Not, you know, actually like creeping around with weapon in hand or anything, but just going along for the ride. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes, assuming I don’t get trampled by a justifiably pissed-off bull elk. If anyone shoots anything, I’ll probably make a total ass out of myself by crying or some shit, so I sort of secretly hope their luck goes bad.

Yeesh, came this close to forgetting about today’s NaNoBlahBlah deadline. Allow Riley to provide an appropriate facial expression for the near miss:


I’m zonked from driving, visiting, and turkey, but it’s been a good day. A LONG day, to be sure, but good. I hope you had a nice holiday too, and that your weekend plans include plenty of stuffing-related leftovers.

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