Do any of you happen to remember that old Ren & Stimpy episode where they run out of money and they’re starving so they masquerade as babies? (“Cute nothin’! They’re deadbeats! Babies have the world’s easiest lives. People feed them, they clothe them, they carry them everywhere they go and they expect nothing in return! In fact, I hear they don’t even have to WIPE themselves!”) Every time I see Dylan walking, I think of how he looks exactly like Ren & Stimpy did when they were pretending to be babies and walking in these great staggering, half-falling steps, with their arms outstretched and lines of drool coming from their mouths.


There must be something going on with the early stages of walking where it’s like putting on mascara: impossible to do with your mouth shut. He accompanies his wobbly steps with great happy screeches and a lot of furious panting, and oh, it is just so funny and awesome and joyous. (It provides a very nice break from some of his other favorite activities of late, which involve screaming, fishflopping, and throwing a goddamned CONNIPTION over having his diaper changed.)


We got out Riley’s old pushtoy for Dylan to walk behind, and at first it seemed like maybe the best idea any of us had ever had, because hello, how cute is this?


And also, my god, where has the time gone?


Then I remembered why the pushcar can be such a source of frustration for very little kids: they’re thrilled with it as long as they have forward momentum, but the instant it gets pushed into a corner or the wall or whatever, they have a total meltdown and collapse on the floor making dying-wildebeest noises, at which point, if there is an older brother around, the car promptly gets backed over someone’s finger, and then you have to do some deep breathing exercises because you are about to FEDEX ALL THESE PAIN-IN-THE-ASS CHILDREN TO OCTOMOM.

Anyway! The real reason I’m posting is to ask for hair advice. I’ve been growing mine out for a while and it’s officially gotten to a stage where I can barely stand it: it takes forever to blow-dry, and it’s all frizzy and unruly and needs a ton of styling to look halfway decent. I kind of like the wavy thing I’ve been doing lately with a curling iron, but again, it takes forever.

So I have an appointment for tomorrow, but I’m going back and forth on whether I should cut it back to the short bob that’s easy to dry and straighten, or just get it trimmed, keep growing it out, and hope that having it shaped will help with the amount of time it takes to style it? I keep lusting after longer hair, but I’m also thinking that maybe 1) I don’t have the patience for it, and 2) my curly-underneath, flat-on-the-surface cowlicky fuzzy hair isn’t really meant to BE long.







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15 years ago

I really like the shorter do but your hair looked seriously stylish and elegant for the wedding you recently went to – with it off your face more, it really showed your features.

15 years ago

Octomom. Love it. Gonna use it myself.

15 years ago

The cuteness overload is precluding me from doing anything but ogling dylan’s bush baby triumph walk in still footage. Loves.

15 years ago

Oooh, I love the new look. Whatever you’re doing with that curling iron, it’s worth it.