I would have guessed that horse-(HORSE!) loving Dylan would be the one interested in being a cowboy for Halloween this year, but it turns out he’s going to be a fractious 2-year-old that will rip your head clean off if you try and stuff him in a costume. Riley, on the other hand, is totally ready for the range.


Man, I can’t wait for Halloween. Three reasons:

1) You best believe this whole business of not eating a bunch of sugary bullshit at night is going right the fuck on HOLD for the 31st. There will be an unholy party happening in my food-hole, and all the Mars products are coming.

2) The kids going berserk every time someone knocks on the door. Which is like twice, since no one comes to our house, but hey, more candy for me.

3) Walking Dead premiere on AMC. Oh HELL yes.

What kind of costume plans—kid or otherwise—are in place at your house?


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very bloggy beth
13 years ago

My 2 year old is going as the Old Navy hamburger, if I can get him into the costume LOL. But, I thought of the best costume this morning: Chilean Miner. Just put on some muddy clothes, wrap some cardboard around, decorated like an escape hatch, helmet, sunglasses, BAM — costume.

KC Brown
KC Brown
13 years ago

I recieved a spider costume as a hand me down for my 8 month old son..so I bought an outrageously expensive Little Miss Muffet costume for my daughter who is 2. Last night was the first of several halloween events. My daughter refused to wear the costume and ran around the house in her tights and nothing else because I was going to take a screaming no costume wearing kid anywhere or try to get anything back over her head! We are in a new neighborhood and I have no idea how many trick or treaters there will be I look at this a a good excuse to buy LOTS of candy.

13 years ago

We’ll be in Hawaii for Halloween so I have to somehow make sure my 7yr old’s Silvermist Fairy wings don’t get crushed in the suitcase. The 4yr old is a mermaid and the boy (6mos old) will be a pumpkin. Very original, I know, but we got the pumpkin shirt free. I’m just excited about all the free candy. Oh, and being in Hawaii. There’s that, too.

Farrell Hochmuth
Farrell Hochmuth
13 years ago

Super cute costume on Riley. OK, I wasn’t going to say anything, but I have to wonder about the hat? Maybe because I’ve been living in Texas for the past 10 years, I don’t think that’s a cowboy hat, but a fishing hat? I’d be happy to send you one up to finish off the costume if it matters. Maybe the Texas “cowboys” have finally gone to my head?

My 4yo is going as an alligator; the 10 week old is getting the recycled Tigger costume from when the 4yo was a baby.

13 years ago

My 9 year old is going as Mario and my 11 year old has decided he’s too old to trick or treat. He is NOT too old, however, to attend the local Halloween carnival. I’m hoping to talk him into handing out candy this year. I’m going as an overweight housewife. No one will recognize me!


13 years ago

We got a pair of lederhosen from Germany a few months back. So I guess my little 16-month-old is gonna be a German. Now to find a little beer stein for him.

13 years ago

My six year old son is Anikin Skywalker and my one year old daughter is a butterfly. Because it wan the only thing that didn’t scare the shit out of her. The giraffe costume at Old Navy made her run down the aisles screaming, “No Neck! No Neck!” (neck = giraffe)