Back in September when we brought Callie the Cat home from the Humane Society, she was wildly affectionate and sweet-natured. She curled up in our laps, slithered all over our laptops when we were trying to work, and constantly wound between our feet, purring.

That lasted for about a couple weeks.

Whether she was just trying to make sure we didn’t immediately toss her back into cat jail or her true nature just took a while to finally surface, it soon became clear that our new pet wasn’t exactly the purely loving creature we thought she was. She still tolerates being cuddled, but she’s basically turned into Cato in the Pink Panther movies. Her job these days is to keep us on our toes, whether by sneak attack, intimidating lurking, or flat-out disdain.

A while ago I started snapping photos of her sparkling personality and posting them on Instagram, and before I knew it I’d built up quite the collection of GAHH! cat images:










I mean, honestly. That kind of cat will fuck up your namaste something fierce.

Still, I think I like her even more for having such a judgmental evil streak. She’s a hoot, at least when she’s not darting out from under the bed and sinking her fangs into our ankles.

I have, however, started keeping the door shut when I take a bath at night.



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12 years ago

Calicos are feisty and awesome. I was laughing hard as I scrolled through these. My own calico is nearly 22 years old, and on her FINAL DAYS, and I remember when she was a kook. And by kook, I mean practically murderific.

And yes, you could probably exercise the hell out of her to minimize this trait, but psht. Laser pointer vs laser-like glare of imagined doom? I know which one I’d choose.

Carolyn J.
Carolyn J.
12 years ago

I am also the owner of a kooky calico. This is their “I want to play” face. She is asking you to whip around a toy to chase and bite.

12 years ago

LOL!! I once had a calico I named Cat from Hell. Seriously. His favorite thing to do was sit on a windowsill behind curtains and attack people who walk by. Not “swat at them from behind the curtains” attack, but full-on “I must kill whatever passes by” attack, jumping out and scaring the bejeezus out of every poor soul who wasn’t aware of his hiding spot. He mellowed slightly (there were still sneak attacks, but not as often) when we let him outside once a day to hunt mice.

I would suggest getting a remote control cat toy – yes, they have them. It’s a stuffed mouse doused in catnip that you can control remotely so there’s no chance for gashes on your hands. These things can be HILARIOUS when played with a cat with a ‘tude!

12 years ago

I think she wants to play too, but the stalking is so funny!

In my experience, calico cats are more persnickety than a lot of other color combos, but I don’t know why. She is a beautiful kitty though. Female cats in general seem to have a little more attitude, which I enjoy!

(From afar, right now, because we have two male cats– both brown/ gray/ black tabbies, who I think are the most laid back and friendly color combos. Don’t know why, I’ve just noticed it).


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