September 11, 2007

I have another blogging-related question for you, since you guys are always so insightful and smart and shit (seriously, it’s kind of intimidating, visualizing all of your ginormous pulsating brains. I bet you’re good at math, too, and you can parallel park without backing and filling nine thousand times, and I bet you can even put on mascara without gaping your mouth wide open like a Golden Retriever).

Starting sometime in the next week or so, I’ll be writing a blog for Work It, Mom!. I know, you’re probably thinking that the last thing the internet needs is another goddamned blog from me, because haven’t I sullied the web enough with my foul language and tiresome Simpsons references and inability to spell “restaurant” without using a spellchecker every single time?

Well of course not. Voluminous Blog Content of Dubious Quality, that’s my motto!

Work It, Mom! asked me a while back if I’d be interested in doing this, and I reluctantly declined because I thought it would be hard to find the extra time. Lately, though, I’ve been thinking that things like interesting writing projects are things I need to make time for, as long as I can do it without jettisoning any other things I love to do (you know, like spending time with my son. Oh, and watching television while flopped on the couch and eating fistfuls of Triscuits).

So I’ve decided vacuuming is off my to-do list starting now, because I’m positive that will free up a useful amount of time each week. Say, anyone need some extra dog fur? I HAVE LOTS.

Anyway, the blog is going to be focused on product recommendations, parenting tips, and idea-sharing—fun, useful stuff for busy moms. We’ve been kicking around name ideas, and I could really use your feedback. Here’s what’s in the hopper:

Mixed Bag
Milk and Cookies
Tools of the Trade
A La Mode
Creature Comforts
The Right Stuff

Are any of those jumping out at you? Let me know what your top choice is, and if you have a blog name idea of your own, please share!


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16 years ago

Hee, Stephanie!! :-D

16 years ago

What about “Mom’s Tip Jar”? I’m imagining a graphic with a jar, label and lots of kid fray around it. Oh and a cell phone too. Or something.

I was also thinking about something around “TIPS = SPIT backwards” or “Spit Tips for Modern Mom’s.”

Everything I write seems very “Sears catalogue” at the moment. In my head, it’s funny. On the screen…not so much. Oh well…Saying it anyway…

16 years ago

A la Linda?
I like the suggestion about All Stretched Out. That is funny, a play on words and relevant to moms everywhere!

Also, Won’t Somebody Think of the Children made me LAUGH. That one ROCKS.

16 years ago

I love Milk and Cookies. And Won’t Somebody Think of the Children. That is also awesome.

16 years ago

Urrm, I like A La Mom (a whole lot), like a couple of people said, and also Mixed Bag, for reasons I cannot pinpoint. Milk & Cookies, not so much, just because I’m sure there are eighteen other mom blogs named that, and you…you are too deliciously mouthy to be the writer of a blog titled so sweetly and predictably.