Can you even imagine a better scenario for Dog while we’re away from home? I mean, my GOD. Seriously. I am so thankful for Valria and her amazing generosity and the clearly superior lifestyle she has provided for Dog, goddamn.

In other news, I have almost no news, really. Things have been enjoyable and mild and the hours are just flying by, and it’s apparent to me that I am about a thousand million times happier with other people around while staying at home with the boys. I mean, that’s sort of a no-shitter, and yet it’s been a surprise, this visit, how entirely pleasant it’s been. Except for the tines-up utensils in the dishwasher, which ARE YOU KIDDING COME ON DO YOU WANT TO FUCKING STAB YOUR HAND-MEAT OR WHAT.

I miss talking to you and I miss hearing from you. So can we play a game, just so I have an excuse to hear from you: tell me, who are your all-time top movie crushes?

Here are mine:

• Ed Harris, as his character in The Abyss (the ring-being-caught-in-the-door scene in that movie is the very reason JB has a titanium wedding ring)
• Johnny Depp, especially in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie
• Nicolas Cage in Wild At Heart

Your turn!


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15 years ago

Clive Owen for sure! In the latest Elizabeth movie and Shoot’em Up (which I don’t necessarily recommend watching, ugh) but it was worth staring at him for 2 hours, even if he was having gun battles with a baby under his arm. Weird.

Vin Diesel . . . his voice is oh so nice. :) And the muscles don’t hurt the opinion any.

Anyway, love dropping in and reading your blog . . . first time commenting though.

God Bless!

15 years ago

my first comment on your blog – but I couldn’t resist… My list is very diverse :-)
11. Robert Redford – old and young cuz man there’s a guy who ages well! (he was hot in the Last Castle)
10. Brad Pitt – but only as Joe Black
9. Matt Dillon – as early as the Outsiders
8. Jeff Goldblum – I get the strangest looks over this one, but I love his swagger in Independence Day
7. Adam Sandler – the man just makes me laugh!
6. Edward Burns – first fell in love in Brothers McMullen
5. Josh Lucas – Sweet Home Alabama
4. Heath Ledger – especially in 10 things I hate about you
3. Michael Schoffling – Jake in 16 Candles
2. Taye Diggs- in How Stella Got her Groove Back
1. Matthew McCona-HOT in everything ever made (first fell in love watching Boys on the Side)

15 years ago

George Clooney in anything – although he never really plays sexy characters.

Paul Rudd in – and I know this is silly – Clueless! he was just so adorable.

15 years ago

Sorry, I can’t leave out my TV hotties but here’s my list:
*Cary Grant in anything
*Gregory Peck in anything
*George Clooney in anything
*Brad Pitt – Legends of the Fall
*Henry Simmons in anything
*Naveen Andrews – LOST
*Jimmy Smits in anything but SNL

15 years ago

“the ring-being-caught-in-the-door scene in that movie is the very reason JB has a titanium wedding ring”

OMG! This is exactly why we are getting titanium bands as well.

15 years ago

Somewhat chronologically:
Rob Lowe – Outsiders and that movie with Meg Tilly, also the West Wing

Robert Redford – The Way We Were, Out of Africa

Kevin Costner – Bull Durham, Revenge

Mel Gibson – Tequila Sunrise, maybe Lethal Weapon 2 except for the hair

Matthew McConaughey – A Time to Kill (Hot & Hott!)

Colin Firth – Mr. Darcy, ’nuff said

Soon to be – Jake Gyllenhaal (Oh those eyes)

Shhh, don’t tell – Daniel Radcliffe (I know! Harry Potter! I can’t help it.)

15 years ago

First, I always put my forks tines up, but I HATED when people put knives blades up. Then I realized that my dishwasher sucked and I pretty much have to put my butter knives blade up. To solve the stabbing problem, I just remove the utensil tray and lay it on the counter when I’m putting the dishes away.

And now onto the important stuff:

Josh Hartnett in Lucky Number Slevin. He spends a great deal of the movie wearing only a towel around his waist.

Kevin Costner in Bull Durham, particularly the kitchen sex scene when he throws the bowl into the sink right before doing it on the kitchen table.

Not a movie, but John Corbett as Aiden in season 4 of Sex and the City. This is when he comes back and has short hair and doesn’t dress like a lumberjack anymore. HOT.

15 years ago

Orlando Bloom as Legolas in Lord of the Rings. I don’t mind him in Pirates (speaking of which I just bought myself a notebook for meetings with Will Turner’s face plastered all over the front of it and it was only a buck! I won’t talk about how I squealed in the store when I found it.)

Also, Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn.

Hayden Christensen in Life as a House. Great movie, if you’ve never seen it.

Nope, not too many more. I’m predictable.

Oh! The volleyball scene in Top Gun. Of the three shirtless men anyway. Swoon!

15 years ago

Oh! And I forgot Patrick Dempsey in Grey’s Anatomy. Not a movie, but so what.

Also, Eric Dane, the guy who plays Dr. McSteamy/Sloan. God I hate that nickname, but damn if he’s not some fine looking man-flesh.

15 years ago

Mine will be variations on a theme but here you go anyway…

Gerard Butler in P.S I Love You
Colin Firth in anything
Johnny Depp in Pirates and Chocolat
Colin Farrell in SWAT
Clive Owen in Closer

Yum yum yum! :)

15 years ago

What a freaking awesome question.

* Chris O’Donnell in “Mad Love” and again in “Circle of Friends”. Such a cutie.
* Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”. Guilty pleasure.
* Mel Gibson in all of the “Lethal Weapon” movies. Love that smile.
* Brad Pitt in *Se7en*. Oh yes.

And not a movie, but man was I in TOTAL love with Kirk Cameron on “Growing Pains”. For real.

15 years ago

Sundry, I just realized you didn’t mention Clive Owen. You’ve swooned over him in the past… what gives?! :o)

15 years ago

I’d have to ditto an awful lot of the above list (funny, I’d always thought I was alone in lusting after Alan Rickman), but a few I haven’t seen mentioned already are:

-Mel Gibson in The Year of Living Dangerously
-Tom Cruise (cringe) in Top Gun (but nothing since), especially the scene in the elevator, you could cut the sexual tension with a chainsaw.
-Gerard Butler as the Phantom (of the Opera)

I have to second donna on Dennis Quaid in the Big Easy, that scene was HOT.

Always fancied Keanu Reeves, not for any specific role, just to stand him in the corner of my room to be looked at.

But my very, very first, deepest ever movie crush was Christopher Walken as the tragic Nicky in The Deer Hunter. And that man still has it going, imo.

15 years ago

oh…one more from me!

Josh Duhamel in “win a date with Tad Hamilton”…can we talk about when he took his shirt off!! Also very yummy in Las Vegas!

15 years ago

You are very welcome, we love DOG now.
She will be happy to see you in a few days but is welcome anytime!!!

15 years ago

In anything and everything:
Harrison Ford
Brad Pitt
Jake Gyllenhaal
James McAvoy

15 years ago

I’m sure this says something disturbing about me psychologically but:

– Matt Damon in the Bourne trilogy
– Ryan Gosling in The Notebook (I know, BARF)
– Alan Rickman in anything (My favorites are bumbling or seriously evil roles. God, I just love his voice!)
– Jamie Bamber as Lee “Apollo” Adama on BSG (I know it’s not a movie, but I had to include him)

15 years ago

You seriously opened up a can of worms with this one…hope you’re not bored anymore. I am 40 and my first movie crush was Humphry Bogart. I know, WEIRD, but he was very handsome in a rugged kind of way. My friends had Tom Cruise posters in their rooms and I had Boggie! (still hate Tom Cruise…weird teeth)

I like the oldies, Harrison Ford, Mark Harmon, John Travolta (especially in Phenomenom…but my all time true movie love is John Cusack! I love him and my husband has just had to come to terms with the fact that if he walked in the door and wanted to take me away I’d go in second : )

15 years ago

Matthew McConoughy – The Wedding planner

Mark Wahlburg – Boogie Nights & Rock Star

Philip Seymour Hoffman – Almost Famous.

15 years ago

The two biggest crushes off the top of my head –
Cary Elwes in pretty much anything – but especially “The Princess Bride”


Daniel Day-Lewis in “The Last of the Mohicans”

15 years ago

I realize you probably won’t read this far but here goes:

Up to about age thirteen I had a HUGE crush on Elija Woods (I think he’s about a year older than me).

During my teenaged years I moved on to Chris O’Donnel. Especially as Dartanjan (sp) in The Three Musketeers.

After Batman and Robin, I had to let that go. My most recent crush was Ewan McGreggor. I still think he’ll make a fantastic James Bond some day.

15 years ago

Linda…aw, can I tell you? I thought I was the only one who crushed on Ed Harris. Most of the time, people say “Ed who?” For me, it was him as Charlie in “Sweet Dreams” – just fell in love with his charming and ornery ways with Patsy. I’ve been enamored of him ever since.

As long as I’m spilling it, I’ve always had a thing for James Spader for some reason – he’s captivating onscreen I think.

And doesn’t everyone love Anthony Michael Hall, if only secretly?

…I think I’m dating myself here.

15 years ago

I will second Alan Rickman, Robert Sean Leonard in “Dead Poets’ Society”, George Clooney (whenever, wherever), and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Also, Tom Everett Scott in “That Thing You Do” (he was the drummer), Jim Sturgess in “Across the Universe” (ahhh, singing), and John Travolta in “Grease”.

Finally, in re: the silverware – I too used to believe in tines down only, but a friend who owned a restaurant said that tines up is required for them to be clean (and the health department requires that.)

15 years ago

Matt Damon, The Bourne Identity
Toby Maguire, Spiderman
Jake Gyllenhaal, The Day After Tomorrow
Harrison Ford, The Fugitive and The original Indiana Jones
Kevin Costner, Dances with Wolves
Daniel Day-Lewis, The Last of the Mohicans
Adam Beach, Smoke Signals
Ok. I have to stop there, thought I’m sure I could go on. I’m all worked up thinking about all these hot dudes in movies! ;)

Isn’t Valria the best!? She has been generous enough to watch my pup on occasion and I practically have to hang bacon from my neck to get Sophie into the car to come home with me! ;)

15 years ago

Oh yeah…just one more and I can’t believe I left him out.

From The Mummy – Oded Fehr.

Seriously, google image this guy if you aren’t
familiar with his name.


15 years ago

Oh, this is a fun one!

1. Mark Ruffalo in “30 Going On 30″….he’s so darn cute that I named our second son Matthew so we could call him “Matty” after his character—-I don’t think my husband knows this!

2. Eric Bana….in “Troy.” Not so much in “The Incredible Hulk,” but oh my gosh SOOOOO much in “Troy.”

3. Jude Law in “The Talented Mr. Ripley”

And…Jason Patric in “Lost Boys”

Oh I need to go watch me some old DVDs now!
Glad your trip is going well!

15 years ago

james woods in “immediate family” (before he turned into a dirty old man)

james spader from “the secertary”- he can spank me any day

jim carrey- just because he looks like he would make a good fun boyfriend

tommy lee jones- back in, like, 1972, before he dried up and shriveled

tommy walsh- from the bbc series “ground force”. once i finish with him, i can send him outside to dig some holes and do some gardening then i will give him a pop-tart and send him home

robert downey jr. when he is not too strung out

matthew mccoughney, but he must wear a shirt

owen wilson, who must wear a shirt also

kid rock- just because

15 years ago

Jude Law in Talented Mr Ripley
Andy Garcia in When a Man Loves a Woman
Andrew McCarthy in St Elmo’s Fire

15 years ago

Jude Law in The Holiday
Val Kilmer in Top Gun
Ashton Kutcher in Just Married

15 years ago

Another Wild at Heart fan! I think there are only two of us on the planet. I *heart* Nicolas Cage, in anything.

Also, Jude Law, in anything.

Also, although they are not movie stars per se, I have out-of-nowhere sex dreams about Jon Stewart and Henry Rollins.

15 years ago

1) Daniel Day Lewis as “The Butcher” in Gangs of New York. I have such a thing for tall, striped pants and the men who can wear them.

2) Milla Jovovich in “The Fifth Element” because, COME ON! she’s the perfect being. And naked, mmmmmm…

15 years ago


Jeremy Piven anytime, anywhere
Jim Sturgess in Across the Universe
Colin Firth in Love Actually

Surely I’m missing several people, but, those were the first to pop to mind!

15 years ago

Janet just reminded me — Mark Wahlberg! Yes! I can’t believe I left him off my list.

15 years ago

MMM…Johnny Depp. I remember crushing on him at age 12 when he was in 21 Jump Street. And he is hotter every time I see him. My fave roll is Edward Scissorhands…or pretty much any Tim Burton movie he’s in. But the first POTC made me want to throw my panties at the screen.

Robert Downey Jr. – yummy in Good Night and Good Luck, Wonder Boys, A Scanner Darkly…

George Clooney – the grayer the hair the hotter he gets. But I especially loved him in the Oceans movies.

15 years ago

David Bowie in Labyrinth. I see he’s been mentioned here once already, so I’m not alone in that! :D

15 years ago

I don’t even know where to begin … Joaquin Phoenix in anything (damn!), Matt Damon in the Bourne movies, Mark Wahlberg in Fear and everything else … BUT, the most intense crush I ever had on an actor was when I was about 10 years old and I saw TIM which I believe was Mel Gibson’s second paid job after that surfing movie. I became obsessed with the character – I didn’t really care to see Mel in anything else, but I couldn’t get enough of that movie – I remember crying when just reading the name Tim in a magazine about three weeks later. I remember that like yesterday even though it must have been 25 years ago. It was my first hint of what I thought love was as a ten year-old.

15 years ago

Mark Ruffalo in “13 going on 30”
Brendan Frasier in “School Ties”
Dermot Mulrooney in “My Best Friends Wedding”
Kevin Kostner in “Message in the Bottle”
Antonio Banderas in “Zorro”
Christian Bale in “Batman Begins”
Eric Bana in “Munich”

Operation Pink Herring
15 years ago

Zack Braff in Garden State, Oliver Martinez in Unfaithful, Ewan McGregor in anything, anytime, anywhere.

15 years ago

*Sam Elliot in anything and everything- Seriously, what IS it about that man? He’s not even that good looking… It’s beyond me!
*Hugh Grant in Briget Jones Diary – It’s a sickness, I think.
*Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
*Richard Gere (ack! gag!) in Pretty Woman

15 years ago

Okay, three more because I cannot be stopped!

Matthew Broderick in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ron Livingston in Office Space

And, not a movie, but Chris Noth in Sex and the City

15 years ago

In looking twice at my own addition to your request, I think I have pinpointed my problem in/with relationships.
My list is as follows:
Nic Cage in “Valley Girl”
Aiden Quinn in “Restless”
Richard Gere in “Looking for Mr Goodbar”
Frederic Andrei in “Diva”
Marco Hofschnieder in “Europa, Europa”
Daniel Day Lewis in “My Beautiful Laundrette”
Viggo Mortensen in “A history of violence”
Bill Pullman in “Zero Effect”
Peter Firth in “Letter to Brezhnev”
Jean-Mark Barr in “The big blue”
Rupert Friend in “Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont”
David Keith in “Independence Day” (the original one)
Dennis Quaid in “Breaking Away”
Jack Black in “High Fidelity”
Gael Garcia Bernal in “Amores Perros”
Javier Bardim in well anything!!!
David Straitharm in any film directed by John Sayles
Okay, you might get the jist of the problem

15 years ago

Paul Rudd in Clueless (still can’t believe other people have this one)

Kiefer Sutherland in 1969 (unending teenage crush)

Harrison Ford in Star Wars

15 years ago

Uh oh — I need and addendum to my previous list (and while I’m at it, yes, I’m aware “The Notebook” is pure shmaltz but when it’s pouring down rain and they’re on the dock and he yells “It STILL isn’t over” and then grabs her? Come ON — that sort of obsess-y teenage love? Yi!)
Okay, so addendum:
1) Can’t believe I forgot Campbell Scott in “Singles” — “YOU belong. WITH. ME.”
2) Then entire lead ensemble cast of “The Right Stuff.” LOVE LOVE LOVE astronauts :)

15 years ago

Okay, so I checked out where Dog is staying and I saw that Dog has been christened “Visiting Dog” or “VD” for short. Except when I first read “VD” I immediately thought “venereal disease” which I am going to blame on reading your blog so much.

15 years ago

Ooh, this is fun. I did cull from the above comments.
Johnny Depp in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
Michael Madsen as Jimmy in Thelma & Louise
Viggo Mortensen – Eastern Promises (naked fighting til the death!)
River Phoenix – Mosquito Coast
Tommy Lee Jones – The Fugitive and No Country For Old Men
Josh Brolin – No Country For Old Men
Luke Wilson – Idiocracy

15 years ago

Ethan Hawke in Before Sunrise. Matt Damon in anything.

15 years ago

Michael Schoeffling as Jake in Sixteen Candles (still a hottie later on in Mermaids, too)

Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Risky Business

Christian Slater in Pump up the Volume

Andrew McCarthy in Pretty in Pink & ST Elmo’s Fire

John Cusack in Say Anything & The Sure Thing

Rob Lowe in ST Elmo’s Fire, Oxford Blues, About last night

“C.J.” the surfer guy in The AllNighter

Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing

15 years ago

Ok, I did not read the previous almost 200 comments. So sue me.

Here are mine:

Um…Errol Flynn. Captain Blood? Robin Hood? Ooooh, baby.

Viggo/Aragorn (I’m sure THAT’S come up)

Aidan/Brad/Anthony, all in Legends of the Fall. Triple score points!

Steve McQueen

Sam Elliot can just whisper in my ear

Mark Harmon: anytime, anywhere

Daryl Hall (no, YOU shut up! The man is HOT)

I guess my list shows my age. I would also add that Harry Potter guy, but he’s the age of my oldest son, so that would just be unseemly…

15 years ago

Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge or Star Wars.

Johnny Depp in…oh, anything.

Brad Pitt as Death in Meet Joe Black.

Edward Norton in American History X.

Zach Braff in Garden State.

Woody Harrelson ONLY in Natural Born Killers.

15 years ago

I almost forgot the triple threat from the Ocean’s movies – Andy Garcia, Brad Pitt and Clooney.

Also, Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.