The kid-related milestones and changes have been coming fast and furious lately, and unlike teething and potty training these are all of the soft-focus, eye-wellingly-awesome variety. The first big-kid, no-pictures, reading-for-pleasure book for Riley (The Lightning Thief). The first cafeteria hot lunches, which means less sandwich-making for me (yessss) and more variety for them. The first school classmate social challenge that we were able to talk about with Riley in such a positive manner I’m still fist-pumping our blue-ribbon parenting teamwork two weeks later. The first year I’ve been able to volunteer in their classrooms, and all the incredible benefits I’ve seen from doing so. The first visit from the Tooth Fairy for Dylan. The first year where they just absolutely rocked Halloween and we all enjoyed it so much I wanted them to stay awake so the night could go on and on. The first school year of seriously thinking-intensive homework for Riley and how much he enjoys us working with him to get it done (I take the spelling/reading stuff, John’s the math guy). The first year I’ve thought on more than one occasion, all this parenting stuff just got real.

It’s so so much greatness, so much sweetness, so much amazing-glorious-wonderful-fantasticness. I wish I had more time to write about it all, but god, it’s also so busy. It’s just so much, and I love it.

Ducks game

Who you gonna call?

family pumpkins

class field trip


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